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Bottled Water Prices Slashed by 40% to Rs 12 Per Litre in Kerala

By: | March 22, 2018
Bottled Water
Mar 22: Henceforth bottled water will cost only Rs 12 per litre as against Rs 20 per litre earlier following the decision of Kerala Bottled Water Manufacturers Association (KBWA) to reduce prices by 40%.
The new prices will be effective from April 2. The Goods and Service Tax (GST) for bottled water is 28% compared to the earlier tax  29% composed of 14% tax  and Central Excise duty of 15 percent.
Soman Pillai, Secretary and M E Mohammed, President of KBWA said that the price reduction was made on moral considerations and request from the government to reduce price following the implementation of GST.  They pointed out that price of 1 litre bottle was progressively raised from 10 to 12, 15, 17 and 20 but the main beneficiaries were the big corporates and middlemen.
The higher price of bottled water did not ensure quality and consumers need to the check the (BIS) IS14543 label for assurance regarding quality. Numerous agencies were drawing water unethically but bottled  water manufacturers were singled out for exploitation of water resources, they added.
The association expressed the hope that consumer pressure may force even multinationals to bring down the prices of bottled water to Rs 12 per litre.  There are about 140 companies who are members of the KBWA and currently they process over 6  crore litres of water daily.