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iPhone X App Can Monitor Your BP

By: | September 10, 2018

Sep 10: The new blood pressure (BP) application recently developed by researchers, in the absence of any special equipment, can give the user precise readings on an iPhone. The iPhone X application developed by the researchers of the Michigan State University, makes use of the ‘oscillometric finger pressing method’, or ‘peek and pop’ to measure one’s BP. This method allows a user to obtain their BP with just a push of their finger.

One has to press the fingertip on both the front camera and the screen thereby increasing the external pressure of the underlying artery. Meanwhile, through the camera and the pressure applied through the strain gauge array under the screen, the application measures the variable-amplitude blood volume oscillations.

The latest application which was featured in the journal Scientific Reports visually guides the fingertip placement and actuation and then computes BP from the measurements like the automatic cuff devices.

According to the researchers, when the application was tested with a finger cuff device showed that the cuff-less and calibration-free BP monitoring might be possible for most of the currently used and upcoming smartphones.

As per the statement made by the lead author of the journal, Ramakrishna Mukkamala, Professor at MSU, with the leverage of optical and force sensors in smartphones by now, for ‘selfies’ and employing ‘peek and pop’, they have led way to a practical tool to keep tabs on blood pressure.

His statements also included that the latest technology will improve hypertension awareness and control rates, and thereby help reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease and mortality. He also claimed that the app can be soon made available to the public as it will not need any additional hardware. The app is expected to roll out in 2019 after it is validated in a standard regulatory test.

Even though BP can be treated by making changes in one’s lifestyle and medication, over 20 percent of people with hypertension are the only people who have their condition under control.