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Forrester Research Cites CyberProof Leader for Emerging Managed Security Services Providers

By: | September 28, 2018

Sep 28: CyberProof, a UST Global company, has been recognized as a Leader in “The Forrester Wave: Emerging Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs), Q3 2018” report by Forrester Research Inc. CyberProof received the highest possible scores in the analysis and priority: network / endpoint, analysis and priority: applications/hunting, and AI, ML & automation criteria. CyberProof is one of two leaders in the report, based on evaluations across 24 criteria.

CyberProof Inc, a UST Global company, is the risk-based security services company whose mission is to manage cyber risk for enterprise organizations by providing a pioneering AI/ML powered virtual cyber incident responder, next-generation cyber services and technologies that adapt to the evolving threat landscape with cost-effective prediction and detection, and accelerated response and recovery.

All of the vendors included in the report offer a complete suite of managed security services, maintain a global presence and customer base with dedicated security operations centers (SOCs), and have a smaller annual MSS revenue and customer base than global MSSP firms. To be included in the report, the vendors also were required to have elicited significant interest from Forrester customers.

Forrester notes in the report, “CyberProof differentiates with its AI bot, SeeMo. CyberProof’s SeeMo bot supplements security analysts by automating investigation workflows, gathering evidence, and providing them with guidance on what to look for next.” The report goes on to add, “The company delivers services via public cloud or on-premises tools, and clients cite the customizability of the company’s interface and its forward-thinking approach to technology as top benefits.”

“We are proud to be named as a Leader in the Forrester Wave: Emerging Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs), Q3 2018 report,” said Tony Velleca, CEO of CyberProof, adding, “We believe this provides independent industry validation of our risk-based approach to managed security services that we increasingly see being requested by our enterprise customers. The CyberProof approach provides a clear measure for cyber risk together with a clear understanding of investment – both of which speak directly to the board.”

“We are delighted and proud to be recognized as a Forrester Wave Leader.” said Yuval Wollman, CyberProof President. He added, “This report provides, in our opinion, an important industry endorsement of our disruptive approach to the MSSP market – in particular, highlighting SeeMo, our AI/ML powered virtual cyber incident responder. SeeMo augments security team tasks by correlating, enriching and contextualizing log alerts into Smart Alerts, which is central to our security automation and orchestration platform.”

Forrester’s research indicates that, as a group, emerging MSSPs share common traits, offering the same capabilities as larger MSSPs but providing a more attentive service and a newer approach to service delivery.

This market is significant, primarily because security leaders perceive these vendors as a means of addressing their top challenges – trusting them to act as strategic partners and provide advice about critical cybersecurity decisions, in addition to helping them manage daily operations.

According to Forrester, many customers picked an emerging MSSP specifically because of the lower cost compared with traditional, more established players.  To pick the right security partner and get the most value from their emerging MSSP, security leaders should give preference to providers that keep up with the fundamentals:

  • Strengthening customers’ security maturity – Today’s security leaders are looking for security maturity and 24/7 coverage. The best emerging MSSPs work alongside clients as an extension of their security team, strengthening their customers’ security maturity.
  • Leveraging machine learning, automation, and an improved user interface – Emerging MSSPs that utilize the capabilities of ML and AI, and who offer an improved, customizable UI, are particularly well positioned to stand out above the competition.
  • Putting cyber risk at the forefront – By taking a risk-based approach to security and working with multiple teams within a customer’s organization, emerging MSSPs can create a meaningful security context that directly relates to business risk – and supports a cyber risk strategy that speaks to a customer’s board.