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PM Narendra Modi’s Website Turns Mobile Friendly With PWA Technology

By: | July 8, 2018
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NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s official website has become mobile friendly with the use of PWA (Progressive Web Apps) technology. Modi himself tweeted @narendramodi that he is delighted to share his website that offers a faster, smoother and more interactive version on mobile phones using PWA technology.

PWA uses modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like user experience. Native app store apps are capable of sending push notification, work offline, look and fell like an app et. Mobile web apps on a mobile browser couldn’t do such things. The PWA fixes that problem with the new WEP APS, new design concepts and new buzzwords.PWA provides an app like experience on the mobile web making it user friendly.

“Let’s remain connected and continue engaging on vital issues! Your thoughts and ideas give me great strength,” Modi said in his tweet.