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‘Tasty, Healthy Daily, The Ketogenic Way to Weight Loss’: Food Darzee

By: | February 1, 2019
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Losing weight is one of the major concerns of all age groups especially the youth and the middle aged. However, not many find the time to do exercises or have regular workouts in the gym. Dr Siddhant Bhargava, a physician and Ketogenic diet specialist has proven that with the right diet and nutrition the weight loss goals may be attained in  just 30 days. You don’t have to starve to lose weight or become slim fit but you still need to quit your sedentary life no matter what food you consume, says Dr Siddhant. His 3500 clients have shed 20,000 kgs so far and many more are  joining the bandwagon. He founded Food Darzee, along with Anirudh Ganeriwala, Devaj Jhunjhunwala and Anik Bhandari, a Health and Nutrition company that personalizes the food as per the exact nutritional demands of the customers.
In an interview to Corporate Ethos, Dr Siddhant, who was motivated to become fitness specialist by his mother Shalini Bhargava, an internationally renowned performance enhancement coach, outlines his business strategy for expansion and explains what makes his Ketogenic diet result oriented.

Health and wellness are now one of the fastest growing businesses in the country. In your view, what are the important requirements to lead a healthy life?

It’s a very simple three-word solution. Tasty, healthy, daily. If these three parameters are fulfilled getting to your health goal then leading a healthy lifestyle becomes very simple.

Traditionally, people preferred to eat to their hearts content and then work out vigorously or otherwise go on strict diet regimen without workouts. How do you view this phenomenon?
This phenomenon is basically like titration which doesn’t always work because the food we eat has too many calorific variables. Only and only if you know exactly how much you have eaten you can exercise accordingly but this isn’t always the case. Also, in this fast-paced life do we really have that much time to exercise to burn everything off? This isn’t sustainable and eventually will lead to derailment. Optimisation is important.
Could you explain how Transform in 30-Ketogenic way works? Is fitness component built into the program?
Food Darzee is a health and nutrition company whose aim is to help people get to their health goals in the most convenient, hassle free and scientific manner possible. All our services revolve around this ideology. We predominantly cater to people who need to lose fat to get healthy and hence we go with the tag: Don’t compromise on taste to lose weight.
The transform in 30 is a very simple holistic program. We offer 4 meals a day which are prepared measured according to the nutritional needs of the clients and his food preferences and allergies. The kitchen is given directives straight from the clients designated nutritionist who plans every meal meticulously. At the kitchen each gram of each ingredient is measured to make sure that the plan formulated by the nutritionist is in exact accordance with the food served. These meals are multicuisine and delivered twice daily in sets of 2. The nutritionist’s job is to handhold the client throughout his journey and keep making changes to his diet whenever required.
Along with this a customised exercise program is also provided based on your lifestyle whether it’s at home or in the gym. It’s basically a one-stop solution.
You have said that there are over 3500 clients who have benefit from the programme? Could you explain other than weight loss what are the benefits they have attained in the programme?
Getting their medical conditions in order for example diabetics or pre diabetics have gotten control over their sugar and insulin levels. Women suffering from PCOD have successfully reversed it and gotten their hormones in place. Women who weren’t able to conceive have finally managed to have children. And most important self-esteem and confidence that happens as a by-product of weight loss is what people have taken back from food Darzee.
Should they follow the diet after the completion of thirty days?
Yes, of course. Until their targets aren’t met, they can continue with the diet. It’s absolutely safe.
Do you have plans to take the Food Darzee business program beyond Mumbai to other cities?
Delhi operations are staring in Feb 2019. Pune and Bangalore are also part of our plan by the 3rd quarter of 2019. Idea is to have food Darzee all over India.
What made you not go for clinical practice after MBBS and focus on fitness and wellness industry. How far your mother Shalini Bhargava was a motivation in this regard?
She’s the biggest source of motivation behind it all. Being a world-renowned fitness expert always drew me towards fitness. With my background of being a doctor health and nutrition was easy for me.
What is your advice or guidance to corporates who lead a stressful but sedentary life not able to do fitness programs or follow a healthy diet?
Find someone whom you can outsource this stress to. You need to worry about health, yes, but your life can’t stop because of it. So, find someone (like food darzee) who can make this thinking much simpler.