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Providing Comprehensive, Comfortable Childbirth Experience at Reasonable Costs

By: | March 7, 2019

Dr. Rajesh Koradia is the Founder and Head of MIRA Hospital and IVF Centre, one of Mumbai’s best IVF centres located in the Mira-Bhayandar region. He has been practising IVF since the past 15 years, and has 30 years of experience in reproductive assistance and medicines. He started MIRA Hospital and IVF centre 7 years ago, with all the state of the art facilities. Dr. Koradia speaks to Corporate Ethos:

Could you tell us a bit about MIRA Hospital and IVF centre?

We have been practicing and administering infertility treatments in some form or the other since last 27 years. At inception, we did not have our own infrastructure and had to rely on other IVF centers. With the sole intent of delivering quality service at our own behest, we decided to have our very own fully operational lab. After intense training and post adhering to all necessary safety protocols, we finally started MIRA IVF. At the beginning, Embryologist was called on request. Now, my daughter Ms. Arwa Koradia is available as in-house Embryologist. She has greatly helped us streamline the required processes. Her experience and continuous study to improve and enhance relevant procedures has led to rise in success rates.

In your opinion, what might be the reason for the increase in Infertility rates?

In today’s fast paced life, individuals are very much career-oriented and have set their aspirations for achieving their set goals. This is the era of determined youths and we are very proud of the same. But, as an after effect, marriage has evidently taken a back seat. Consequently, the average age of marriage and childbirth is rising. As the age progresses, the quality of the ovum (eggs) deteriorates which has a direct impact on fertility.

Various widespread lifestyle vices like smoking, drug use, alcoholism, premarital promiscuity, repeated abortions, obesity, work stress, late working hours, junk food culture etc increase  free radicals in the system, which deteriorate sperm quality or reduce its count. The egg quality is also adversely affected. It causes fibroids which cause difficulties in conception.

What is the procedure followed to identify the root cause of infertile patients?

The most definitive way of identifying the root cause or causes of difficulties in conceiving is by discussing the anamnesis in depth. On the basis of a thorough understanding of the patient’s history, treatment can be prescribed.  Anamnesis takes good amount of time, but it is a very vital process in establishing the baseline for a result oriented treatment.

Brief us about the services you provide at MIRA Hospital and IVF Centre?

We specialize in Infertility treatment, Gynec & Obstetrics, Endoscopy and Pediatrics. For providing these services, we have a state-of-the-art hospital and IVF laboratory conforming to international standards. We are NABH accredited and have been twice rated one of the best IVF centers in Mumbai.

We conduct all kinds of advanced infertility treatment procedures. We also have the best in-line Endoscopic surgery set up with equipment. All Endoscopies are performed by me personally.

To ensure desirable monetary respite in the light of expenses involved towards medical treatment, we have tied up with most of the insurance companies and TPAs for providing cashless treatment to our patients.

We provide most comprehensive and comfortable childbirth experience at a very reasonable cost. We provide special packages where the patient does not have to worry about additional cost in case a Caesarian has to be performed. To alleviate the worries of the delay in response to a medical situation, we have 3 gynecologists and one neonatologist at MIRA Hospital, round the clock. Every childbirth is attended by the neonatologist, personally to attend to the baby immediately after birth. We also have a NICU set up in house to take care of babies needing special care.

Apart from these, we also provide additional services like free consultation camps for infertility and pediatrics, regular lectures every Saturday about antenatal care, pregnancy diet, yoga, breastfeeding, baby care, garbh sanskaar etc. These lectures are free for all and are for educating the patients in order to address their basic concerns and help making their journey of pregnancy easy and comfortable.

Who are the specialists and what is the strength of your team?

The IVF team includes  Dr. Rajesh Koradia (IVF Specialist), Ms. Arwa Koradia (Embryologist), Dr. Dipti Koradia (Gynecologist)

How would you explain your current success rate?

Dr. Rajesh Koradia, Founder & Head, MIRA Hospital and IVF Centre

Dr. Rajesh Koradia, Founder & Head, MIRA Hospital and IVF Centre

We continually keep ourselves apprised with the latest development in field of infertility studies. The findings and learning are accordingly implemented in our protocols and lab procedures. Patient satisfaction is our primary objective. Utmost focus is given to patient consultation as it very vital for subsequent treatment. This counseling often involves removing the mental roadblock and any inhibition about the procedure. We do not have a one fit for all protocol; instead, we tailor the protocols and treatments according to the patient. These methods that we implement, ideology that we abide by, have all contributed to the evident success rate of our center. My wife and daughter have been instrumental in providing our patients with immense love and affection. Their contribution to the growing success rate is invaluable.

What are the advanced technologies deployed at MIRA Hospital and IVF Centre?

State of art equipment, highest quality full HD camera and medical grade monitor from Germany, O.T. dedicated to endoscopy surgeries, ETO sterilization techniques implemented.

For IVF, air purifier, 2 types of dehumidifier, 2 different types of incubators, AHU.

How affordable is IVF treatments?

We are well aware that along with increase in infertility amongst the Indian population, affordability of the general population is not on par with other countries. I am determined to reach the goal of eliminating childlessness amongst aspiring parents. Thus the goal is #mission_childless_none. IVF procedure in our center is very affordable and is within the reach of people from all strata of the society. Our 1st cycle cost is Rs 1,00,000, while the second cycle cost is Rs 50,000 (inclusive of injections, medicines etc.). We currently are having a documented success ratio of around 65-70%.

Patients who are not able to afford the package amount at one go, can avail the EMI facility that we provide. We don’t have any hidden charges. Our low cost but high quality service is attributed to the fact that we have all the specialists in-house and we do not rely on external consultants.

Please share your experience on one of the successes

A patient underwent various treatments from various IVF centres. She was trying to conceive since the last 12 years. Frustrated and depressed due to the failure of the procedures, they finally lost hope and decided on adopting a child. But one of their neighbours suggested on giving MIRA IVF a try.

Undergoing failed treatments for 12 years had taken a serious mental toll on the patient. Filled with negativity and depression, it was a difficult task to counsel her for the treatment. The first consultation with her took over an hour, during which the patient history was accurately ascertained. They started their treatment with us and started the medicines.

After the first cycle and at the age of 41, tears rolled down her eyes as her UPT test came out positive. They are now blessed with twins who were delivered at our MIRA Hospital. Numerous such testimonials are available on our Facebook page.