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Luxury Home is An Experience, Should Reflect Owner’s Personality: Hemil Parikh

By: | July 30, 2018
Elysium Abodes

India’s luxury home segment is growing at a rapid pace thanks to economic growth, aspirations of the middle and upper middle class in metros and tier-II cities and towns. Elysium Abodes LLP was founded by Hemil Parikh and Isha Parikh in Mumbai with the intention of providing quality luxury that matches world standards. Hemil’s passion for construction and his travels abroad has shaped his ideas for new projects. In an chat with Sreekumar Raghavan of Corporate Ethos, Hemil Parikh talks about the latest trends in Indian realty sector especially luxury and smart homes.

#There is so much talk about affordable housing, smart homes and luxury living in realty sector today. How do you comparatively see the growth of luxury housing among the other categories in the industry? There is also a category called affordable housing. What is your view on these emerging trends?

Affordable housing is certainly one of the most talked about and a very big fragment of the Real estate market today. There are multiple medium and large-scale township developments in upcoming areas close to the cities. Smart homes are presently trending in the technology era where Indian citizens are getting extremely tech-savvy and catching up with international trends of living & lifestyle. Luxury is a relative term and what luxury is to one maybe a necessity to another. Smart homes can be one of the unique selling points for Luxury home builders.

 #You have come into luxury housing out of a passion and how much has your travels abroad and observations influenced your projects?

My global travel has played a very vital role in understanding the lifestyle of the people livingin developed countries. Every city in the world has its own distinct and unique architectural style. This has helped me draw inspiration to offer unique and individualistic approach while working on the drawing board. However it is very important to strike the right balance between adaptability & practicality as per the demographics of the region. The homeowner’s personality should be reflected in his dwelling place and should not be a mere show flat.

#In your view what is a luxury property- is it defined by what goes in the interiors, the materials used or design itself. How different is our luxury properties compared to European or US trends?

Luxury to me is all about delivering the WOW factor with avant-garde design, artistry, and breath-taking technology and automation. In an ever-evolving industry, we try to always be on the cusp of innovation and incorporate these refinements into each home we build. Homeowner’s idea of Luxury starts from day 1 of briefing and should be incorporated through the entire process of homebuilding starting from the conceptualization, planning, designing, material selection, accessorizing & styling. A combination of all the elements provide the “Luxury experience”. Luxury is a sense of feeling which arrives from the experience one encounters from the time you step into you abode to a night of sound sleep and positive energy in your surrounding.

Our philosophy is that ‘Not only are we building you a home, but also we are building a legacy’. Viz a viz countries like Europe & United States, Indian homes should be built to last for generations, and we thrive on crafting unique homes that will be passed on within the family. Maintenance & Durability based on weather conditions should be at the apex of designing a house in India keeping into consideration domestic staff for maintenance, limited knowledge about DIY services & reliability on contractors & product manufacturers for any after sales service.In terms of luxury properties compared to the ones overseas, I feel that India is catching up in a very big way as the affluent buyers are sourcing products from across the globe. Also, almost every leading home product brand has a representation in India which is a very clear indication of the buying potential of the Indian today.

# What is unique about Elysium Abodes offerings and how has it been received by your clients?

A design is as good as it is built. Execution is our forte, and we try to reflect the client’s persona in every home we build. We strive to uplift the lifestyle of our clients in every possible way. Our clients not only enjoy the elegant opulence and pure beauty of our homes, but nothing compares to the joy of living and entertaining in one with their family and friends. We strive to build not only a home, but also a friendship that transcends the process. Our greatest compliment is reconnecting with clients well after their home is complete. We provide a holistic approach right from dreaming with you about your home to putting your thoughts and ideas on paper, designing and planning the house, building it through upto the final handover. After handing over your house, we also provide upkeep and maintenance services through our Property Management cell as one may desire.

#In large projects, how much customization is possible for clients in luxury segment?

Since we are in the Build to Suit segment, there is immense customization that is possible in case of luxury villas. It begins with the plotting of the Main house, Landscape, & Hardscape, MEP Services & Utilities across the entire plot. Based on the client’s requirements the number of rooms, sizes, their respective locations & amenities, the shell structure is designed. The most important factor about building from foundation is that it provides a lot of flexibility whereby based on the plans & layout of the house, the desired heights and structural members like columns & beams the house is built. This ensures no pillars/offsets which can be an eyesore after completion. We also have the opportunity to meticulously plan the MEP services like plumbing, electrical, home automation & air-conditioning based on the anticipated consumption patterns. It can be customization to the ‘Tee’ for anything & everything one may desire from the amount of open spaces, semi-open spaces and closed spaces. Privacy & Utilities can be very well managed as per the functional and practical usage of the homeowner. At the end of the day customization enables the home owner to enjoy the entire process of home building which is not too frequent in a lifetime.