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India has Become a Flourishing Dental Hub of the World : Dr Shantanu Jaradi

By: | February 26, 2018
Dr Shantanu Jaradi

The path-breaking medical advancements definitely have a major role to play in the radical transformation of dentistry. The gamut of progressions made in novel dental know-how provide enhanced solutions for traditional dental health maladies than ever before. Making the field of dentistry a lot more comforting, resilient and effective by leveraging on technology is certainly the new trend in the dental orbit.  Both patients and dentists profit from new emerging methods that are less invasive and more reliable than in the past few years. This major shift helps in nothing but further progressing the quality of work by making dental treatments an easy, stress-free and effortless affair. Every advance in dentistry is an extension of the evolutions in medicines. Dentzz Dental Care Centres, is one of the forerunners in the field of Aesthetic Dentistry and a one-stop destination that flawlessly crafts an unblemished smile. Under the able leadership of Dr. Shantanu Jaradi, Founder and CEO, Dentzz Dental Care Centres, the brand not only revolutionizes dentistry in terms of cutting-edge oral treatments and technology, but also in a manner in which dentistry is delivered to patients. With treatments like implants and cosmetic dentistry witnessing tremendous growth in recent years, the brand has emerged as the leaders in the newly evolving market of dental tourism.  Having a vast presence across major Metropolitan cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad and also overseas in Dubai, the brand epitomises a convergence of outstanding talent, state-of-art technology and exceptional infrastructure.

In conversation with Sreekumar Raghavan of Corporate Ethos, Dr Shantanu Jaradi throws light on how India has emerged to be a global oral health hub, thanks to the right government policies and measures, funding and support in tow.

How do you assess the growth of dental sciences in India and what are our strengths and weaknesses?

India boasts of an amazing talent in the dental care arena in the form of qualified and skilled dental experts having a deep knowledge and intellect on aspects of oral care. Persistently budding technologies and extensive research are transforming the face of dentistry, bringing our country on par with other developed nations. In spite of these progressions there are some areas which demand attention, for example the novel zone of robotics in dentistry. In such domains, there is a need for more public funding and private investment. Although we have efficient training and research institutions, there is definitely a requirement for the government to raise more funds for further innovation. Majority of the dental materials used in treatment today have been developed in countries like Germany, USA etc. By driving innovation at home, we can significantly reduce the costs of these and make Inda the dentistry hub of the world.

Is there a potential for more corporate dental care businesses in India just as we have for hospitals and pharma industry?

There is a massive potential for the corporate dental care business, however, there are many challenges as well. It is not as straightforward as setting up the infrastructure and employing dentists. There are many challenges unique to dentistry which one does not face in hospitals. For eg. the entry barrier for this business is relatively small. Which means, it is easier for dentists to set up their own practices compared to medical doctors setting up hospitals. Therefore, the corporate dental brand should have sufficient incentives for well qualified dentists to be attached to them long term. On the patients side, the demand is huge, provided the quality of care delivered is top class. By adding intelligent processes and ensuring precision management, a dental brand can add an element of predictability and can define standards in the delivery of top quality dental care.

Do you think government policy support and incentive support is required for dental tourism to be promoted in the country?

Dental tourism refers to patients travelling to other countries for a more affordable and effective treatment. India is definitely emerging as one of the most sought after destinations for Dental Tourism in the world. India offers the maximum advantage to overseas patients in dental care by and is growing at a fast pace due to its superior treatment facilities in an inexpensive price slab. The reasons for this being that we have some of the finest expertise in the world, the materials and brands used are the exact same in top class practices of the world at prices which no other country can match.  This creates a unique proposition for the patients in any part of the world considering major dental work. If paid attention to by the government, this can act as a huge source of foreign income.

In my opinion the Indian government can help dental tourism grow with the right kind of incentives and policy measures. It can be in the form of appropriate policy modifications like tax breaks, medical and dental tourism zones or mini cities with world class infrastructure, subsidized interest rates on setting up these facilities etc.

How do you visualise further expansion for Dentzz Dental Care Centres?

Dentzz Dental Care Centre, today enjoys a multi-city presence and is also the first Indian brand to march into the international space. Being at the forefront of dentistry, we plan to further enhance aspects and technologies related to patient experiences and adopt newer technologies as they develop. In addition, we would be spreading our reach to various other cities, both in India and internationally.

Is there ways to make dental treatments more affordable to common man?

It depends on who is willing to take the burden of that. Dentists in general for the most part have already taken a huge hit in terms of reduced pricing due to heavy competition. So one can argue that it is not difficult to find affordable dentistry already. Margins in this field, most of the time, are not as high as they are perceived to be when you consider the investment in training, infrastructure, specialized staff overheads, lab costs , taxes, provision for litigation fees should a patient decide to go legal, replacing outdated equipments with new ones periodically, reserving spare cash to sustain in case a month or a quarter does not do well and much more.

Additionally, unlike the medical field, dentistry does not have any insurance which covers procedures.

So the only way to reduce costs further for the common man is through strong government policies and will, such as introducing a workable dental insurance, direct and indirect tax breaks, subsidizing interest rates on dental equipment and facility set up even more etc.

Are Indians prone to suffer more dental problems compared to other nations as tobacco chewing and cigarette consumption are higher.

Tobacco chewing is one of the major causes of oral cancer in India and I feel the government should have the political will to ban tobacco consumption. The number of oral cancer deaths in our country is the highest in the world and unless it is detected early, recovery is impossible. Oral hygiene has to be taught at the primary school level and that can have a beneficial impact on the health of our nation as many of the health ailments are inter-connected to oral diseases.