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EME Education: Aiming to be Major Provider of SAP Trained People Worldwide

By: | May 28, 2018

With 3,50,000 customers worldwide, there is a huge demand for SAP trained personnel at various levels but required human resource is not readily available according to A K Sahad, Managing Director of Electromech Enterprises Pvt Ltd (EME), Kochi, partners of SAP.

Having already trained 5000 people in various SAP modules, EME Education is poised to provide the right human resources for industry while throwing up lucrative career opportunities for engineering, management and commerce graduates.

In a chat with Corporate Ethos, Mr A K Sahad, a former SAP Consultant at Wipro and holder of global certification in SAP, talks about how EME Education helps create a win-win situation for both industry and job seekers. He says the EME Vision is to become a major provider of SAP trained personnel globally.

#Can you explain how EME Education can help both industry and job seekers?
There is a huge requirement of SAP trained personnel at various levels. As an authorised partner of SAP, we are providing End User, Power User and Global Certification programs in SAP.
The End User program is meant for employees who may be working at the entry to mid level in a department for eg. Finance or HR. In many firms, it has become mandatory to have SAP knowledge to get executive jobs.

The Power User program is meant for people who would go on to head a department co-ordinating the activities of all the employees in that department.

Global certification programs are implemented in colleges that help engineering, management and commerce students to become consultants in a chosen area, say HR, Finance, Production Planning etc. Such consultants should have thorough knowledge of the SAP modules they specialise in and also be able to customise the product as per requirements of the company.

#How do you train new students in SAP?
We identify the requirements of various companies and train people by providing resources to various training centres in India.  By associating with us, training centres get licenced software, trainers and placement support from EME.

#What are the advantages for industry and employees in associating with EME?

For companies, training new SAP personnel involves huge effort in terms of time and resources. Trainers have to be appointed and trainees will be unproductive or ‘on bench’ until they are deployable in a project. However, if they partner with EME Education, we can provide ready deployable talent across departments and it can lead to increased productivity in the organisation.

For the employees, SAP training opens up new opportunities in industry. Their career prospects, salary and other benefits will improve and can get trained at one-tenth of the cost of a standard SAP program at Rs 40,000.

#What is the duration of the End User, Power User Programs?
The duration is 80 hours with both class room based and cloud based learning.

# What are the features of Global Certification Program in  colleges?
We are inspired by Sonam Wangde’s principle that in business schools we should not teach business concepts but make the students do business. We have implemented it in Marian Institute of Management (MIIM) Kuttikanam in Idukki District where the global certification students contact the customers, send proposals, negotiate and give final quotes and realise the money for the work done. Such students will be highly motivated and learn what the industry wants thereby upgrading their capabilities.  Indian colleges are actually big unused infrastructure and manpower resource in the world and the idea is to make them productive.
Similarly, we are tying up with engineering colleges for similar global certification programmes that give the students a head start in the career as they already do a two-year internship in college itself.

#How do you quantify the new opportunities in SAP?
In India itself SAP is planning to train 20 million people and with a large client base world wide and 10% turnover rate, there is a constant requirement of SAP trained personnel. SAP is working on implementing SAP in companies with a turnover of Rs 50 cr. Companies will lose their cutting edge if they fail to keep up with the latest technologies.

#What are the innovations happening in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?
The legacy ERP systems with servers and networks are getting outdated. Now Internet of Things (IoT) have been adapted to SAP eco system in a prodoct called Leornado. Very soon there won’t be any servers or network systems in offices but sensors attached to various devices or machines that continously feed data to SAP Cloud and decisions will be taken in real time. In super markets, as the milk shelf gets emptied, the data will be fed to SAP cloud and the information will be sent to the milk company who may despatch milk immediately. Students need to keep updated with the latest technology trends to stay ahead in their career.