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Dr Atish Laddad: Helping Doctors Use Digital Platform to Improve Healthcare

By: | January 31, 2019
Dr Atish Laddad, Pediatrician and Founder of Docterz

When pediatricians focus on furthering their knowledge and clinical skills with the object of expanding their practice, Dr Atish Laddad has trodden a different path. He has come up with digital solutions or apps under the brand Docterz that improves the efficieny of the physicians, improves patient-doctor communication and address several questions that parents have child health. Docterz also provides several solutions that help docs manage their clinical operations better. He shares his thoughts and ideas about Docterz to Corporate Ethos.

#Could you tell us about yourself and what was the motivation behind Docterz App?
I have been a practicing pediatrician since the last 10+ years and am currently heading three pediatric units in Mumbai namely CuddlesNCare, Kohinoor and Zen Hospital. I have been an alumnus of the prestigious Seth GS Medical College and KEM Hospital and a gold medallist in Diploma exams. Having worked as an assistant professor in JJ Group of hospitals for 7 years, I am currently the Director and Founder at Docterz, a child healthcare digital platform created by a group of skilled paediatricians.

Through this online healthcare podium, we aim to capture and address various parental queries relevant to the various health maladies affecting children and makes an effort to bridge the gap between analogue and virtual healthcare consulting, analysing and treatment. Through this user-friendly virtual medium, my aim is to construct multiple platforms all targeted towards reforming the entire paediatric health zone. Under its roof, Docterz has introduced a range of sub-specialty apps, namely, Docterz App, Docterz Reception, Docterz Queues, Docterz At School and the yet-to-be-launched Docterz At Lab. The Docterz app is a result of our team’s efforts to restructure the entire child-healthcare process thus offering value-added services to medical practitioners and patients alike by effortlessly addressing multiple health issues in a shortened time frame.
#Could you briefly tell us how Docterz App Works and why was it specifically made to cater to paediatricians?
Docterz is a novel technological platform that has been created by Doctors to help doctors. Every health expert operating in India, undoubtedly practices in a very unique and enhanced manner, hence this rule out the possibility of having a one set formula of making a practice better in India. On a daily basis, a healthcare expert is forced to deal with a wide spectrum of overflowing internet data, deal with different kinds of patient psychology, over-populated OPD’s vendor management, managing medical records, efficiently connecting with patients, giving appointments, delivering timely and accurate prescriptions, inventory management, dealing with the backlog of pending amounts and the various new challenges that keep popping up on an everyday basis. What seems to be beneficial to one individual doctor, may not seem to help the other doctor. This is exactly where the virtual podium, Docterz comes into play. The online medium streamlines and updates the work process of skilled health professionals in the Indian scenario by providing them with so many apps under one single roof.#What are the advantages of using Docterz App for patients and the physician or clinic?

Considering the various hassles faced by round-the-clock working health experts like managing clinics, dealing with busy schedules and efficiently handling patients, the Docterz app through its tech-savvy features, helps to reorganise the entire health-care process for the medical experts. The digital podium also enables patients to acknowledge the fact that an app can add value to their lives by effortlessly addressing multiple health issues in a condensed time frame. This platform is all about the virtues of first-rate technology made by doctors for the doctors. Such platforms aid the child medical expert to solve problems competently and at the same time will add more value to vital aspects of patient health. The time-saving and user-friendly virtual medium works offline as well as online, thus lending doctors to deliver medical prescription in a much-shortened span of time. As far as patients are concerned, the Docterz Queues app has been designed to facilitate patients in determining what would be their estimated time of appointment, thus helping them to plan their schedule accordingly. To offer a major transformation from the usually witnessed clinic scenario, where-in the receptionist would be burdened with tremendous workload, Docterz Reception app has been crafted to smoothen the work pressure faced by receptionists working at the desk. The easy-to-use app enables receptionist to function from their smartphones to make appointments, manage the billing process and can also upload the doctor’s prescription, thus majorly decreasing the paperwork.
#How is the business model built on Docterz App? What are the costs involved for the stakeholders and how does Docterz make money in this model?

Docterz is a SAAS based platform wherein doctors are charged annually INR. 5000/-The platform, Docterz gives additional services to parents like 24*7 helpline and digitisation of health records at a very nominal fee of INR. 500/- per annum.

#Could you briefly tell how Doctors Queues, Doctors Reception integrate with the Docterz App?
Most medical practitioners these days, have crowded OPDs and patients have to wait for long time to see the doctor. Here, we have designed a unique management system, where-in you not only do you get a notification of your turn to see the doctor, but you also come to know the ETA (Estimated Time of Appointment). Later, patients can also get to know the ETA by sitting within the confines of their homes, thus saving the long waiting time. Docterz Receptionist will be able to organise all the appointments, uploading records, managing billing and giving a clear communication between the two.

 #How will Docterz at School App help parents, teachers and children in improving the health awareness and monitoring the health of the child?
Docterz At School app encourages educational institutes schools to promote child healthcare within their premises. It serves as a great medical resource aiding in the overall development of the child. It is a holistic program which ensures that the physical, mental, emotional and psychological health of a child is thoroughly taken care of. Docterz At School app is essentially a tech platform which any pediatrician, dentist or ophthalmologist can operate on and is built in a very comprehensible way. It converts non-scientific facts into scientific data and the reports generated are very easy-to-understand.

The brand intends to set up a critical care unit amongst all the schools across Mumbai.
Docterz At School will be offering a ‘state-of-the-art casualty room in each school to efficiently handle a broad range of medical maladies, like unexplained aches and pains to injuries and life-threatening conditions like cardiac arrests and burns. To oversee emergency responsiveness, a trained pediatrician will pay a monthly visit to the school. Proper training will be provided to all on-school staff to aid in times of emergencies. The staff will also ensure a proper check on the expiry of the medicines and a 24/7 helpline number will be given to the schools in case of emergencies. The platform has been designed to arm schools, parents and teachers to offer optimum healthcare to students, thus helping to recover the child’s health.