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After Tailoring on Wheels, Corporate Collars Turns Focus on Online Business

By: | July 31, 2018
Corporate Collars

Harssh Chheda was a visionary when he launched his venture Corporate Collars in 2013 for custom stitching of clothes for corporates. In January 2015, he diversified from retail model to Corporate Collars on Wheels and it was no doubt a relief for the busy corporate executive who no longer needs to spend time moving from store to store to identify cloth and find a tailor to stitch.

MrChheda is a business honors graduate from Indiana University Bloomington’s eminent Kelley School of Business majoring in Finance, Marketing and Entrepreneurship with a minor in psychology.

In a chat with Sreekumar Raghavan of Corporate Ethos, Mr Harssh Chheda , Founder and CEO of Corporate Collars said that the next move is to expand its online business.  

#India’s cloth market has gone through different transformations from the old practice of buying material and stitching, followed by branded shirts and trousers, their online retailing and now custom stitching also getting traction in parallel. How do you see these changes in the market and where does Custom Collars fit in?

Gone are the days when physical shopping was a thing. Brick and mortar stores, vendors and your local darzi were the only go-to options a typical picky customer would rely on. The end-users would actually go to the stores to scout for apparels that were customized as per their tastes, comfort and suitability’s or would get themselves measured to their right size. But today the scenario seems to have witnessed a vast transformation, courtesy the round- the-clock work culture and hectic schedules that have managed to keep the modern day corporate buyer and physical retail at bay.  Contemporarily with the emerging online bandwagon, bespoke and tailor-made shopping have transformed with a twist. Bespoke e-commerce has certainly lent a new lease of life to online shopping. All you need to be sure about is your right size and measurements and you are just a few clicks away from, say, a crisp new shirt, or a classy three-piece suit among many other choices to browse from. Novel advancements like TAILORING ON WHEELS are a complete solution to your styling needs. These world-class fabrics having a perfect finish minus the measuring tapes offer the contemporary corporate buyer the convenience of getting your tailoring services right at your door step.

#You had launched the Corporate Collars on Wheels three years back as a very innovative concept in custom tailoring by reaching out the customers directly. How do you assess its growth and how do customers feel about it?

Corporate Collar on Wheels

I truly believe that the foundation, development and monetary success of any start-up is totally based on a fairly methodical and functional process in practice. When corporate collars was launched 3 years ago I was overwhelmed at the kind of response I received from customers. The brand which started in the year 2013 with a sole aim of utmost customer satisfaction by offering them with the best in terms of quality, today offers a unique service that goes where the target audience are instead of waiting for them to come to the store. Today our attempt is to make the discerning customers familiar to Bespoke Clothing on a full-fledged basis and to make them aware of the convenience which bespoke clothing lends them with. In these five years, along with reaching out to the emerging corporate and elite crowd, the brand has become increasingly popular amongst all the fragments of the society at a macro level. The brand is getting more and more structured and organized thus befitting the customer’s wants and comforts.

#Compared to ready to wear suits, what is unique about Corporate Collars products? 

Considering the round-the-clock work culture of the modern-day businessman, they hardly get the time to actually visit a physical store. To offer a comprehensive solution to this corporate misery, the brand has been making an effort to bring the store to the professional’s doorsteps. Along with having a proper fitting service to assist the preoccupied professional, Corporate Collars has a van that doubles up as a tailoring unit on the move. The entire process works seamlessly and requires one to just fix an appointment, head to the area where the van is parked (either home or office) and choose from the wide range of fabrics, get yourself measured and get your shirt within just 48 hours. Along with bestowing the buyers with ready-to-wear suits, the brand also lends customers with an opportunity to get their shirts, suits and trousers customized as per their desires. Our diverse range of formal attire are designed by using machinery from Italy and special threads from Germany. With over 1400 hand tailored fabrics the brand has learnt the art of the fit and detail that is essential in any piece of formal outfit, this truly makes the brand one-of-its-kind in the industry.

#How do you assess the market in general for custom stitching in Mumbai and do you have plans to expand your operations?

Contemporarily, along with the indulgent buyers, in the Mumbai markets, the middle-class community of buyers are becoming acquainted to the concept of bespoke customised stitching which is definitely perceiving high demands. This has nothing but provided a massive optimistic push to this segment as it can cater to an even larger market in the upcoming years. With state-of-the-art physical stores in BKC and Altamount Road, currently we are focusing on strengthening our online presence.

#In your view what are the parameters to gauge the quality of a shirt, trouser or suit. What all should a businessman or a corporate employee look for while choosing an attire for formal wear?

Most important is comfort. Fit and quality of fabric comes next. But if you aren’t comfortable while wearing it you will not enjoy the outfit. Your personal style is exceptionally important. What looks good on you and what you like may be different from what others choose so don’t be afraid to wear what you like because odds are you’ll enjoy it more. So personal preference is most important in which the vital aspects are the fit and style.