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Affordable Housing is No More a Dream

By: | July 6, 2017

With the many initiatives that the government has already taken and many more to come in the near and distant future, affordable housing is no more a dream. Initiatives such as RERA will ensure that timely delivery of projects takes place. A further cut on GST with regards to the affordable housing sector is also expected, says Vijay. B. Pawar, Founder and Director, Mirador Dwellers Pvt Ltd, in an email interview with Corporate Ethos.

  • Going by your policies and vision, you are a strong advocate of luxury homes at affordable prices. What strategies have you lined up to make this vision come true?

We take a certain number of measures, such as:

The buying of materials is well planned and only high quality materials are bought. We also ensure that our suppliers and vendors have understood our vision.

The land that we invest in, is specifically bought with the intention to ensure that no further time gets added to their travel time to their adjoining areas of Thane & Mumbai. This saves the customer’s time thereby resulting in a direct saving of their hard-earned money.

These are two among the few reasons behind us being able to deliver luxury homes at adorable rates. We use only make in India and branded products. Our desire to make our due contribution to the society we use only high standard and India manufactured products. We do this to express our strong support to the Make in India initiative.

  • Affordable housing seems to be a dream for a majority of the Indian populations. How do you rate the Indian government’s policies in this regard? Do you think there are loopholes to be plugged?

mirador2It is no more a dream, especially with the many initiatives the government has already taken and the many more to come in the near and distant future. Initiatives such as RERA will ensure that timely delivery of projects takes place, and Pradhan Mantri Yojna, for sure, has started to make a difference. Besides these, we also expect a further cut on GST with regards to the affordable housing sector.

  • For the middle income and low income groups, building or buying a house means a solid investment. This, most of the time, stand in the way of splurging on luxury. How would your company look to bridge the gap between luxury and affordability?

We plan well in advance before starting our project. We look to buy land which is strategically located and our structures are Green with our projects boasting of features that prevent wastage of electricity, which in turn becomes a boon for the MIG segment.

While procuring materials we buy in stages by taking an estimate beforehand and plan the whole pipeline of supplies. This results in saving of money for us. Thus, these factors, which we value and deliver with great expectations, will surely help in bridging the gap.

  • Do you think the government paper work as well as the home loans segment need an overhaul to make luxury homes shift from being just a dream to turning real? What would you suggest on that front?

The government has already taken a big step in the face of RERA. They will also soon also introduce a measure through which it will be ensured that all the procedures get done in one place.  The ones updated with this intonation refer to this initiative as Single Window Clearance.

  • How would you want to position the Mirador Group of Companies in an already crowded market place? In other words, what are the alluring advantages your company has to offer the home buyer?

We aim to position ourselves as not a company which only offer quality homes at affordable prices, but also a real estate development company that builds communities. We wish to position ourselves as a brand that brings people from different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds together and helps them refigure the experience of living in a harmonious and loving neighbourhood.

  • The changing trends in spending have brought with it many benefits to the real estate sector. While there are many who would not mind spending in buying multiple properties, there are many others who long for a home but can’t find the money to do so. If given an opportunity, what would be your wish list to the government to tide over this wide gap?

For many in our country, buying a house is a big deal and it rightly should be too, because one eventually builds a personified bond with one’s own home, and both become a part of each other. We wish the government takes more aggressive measures in improving the purchasing/spending power of the masses. We wish the government would make availing loans an easier process with better policies for the needy.  Some respite must be offered with respect to tax to those who belong to a certain section, with regards to their economical background. For instance, a decrease in the value of GST on first homes bought under Rs 40 lakh or taxable slabs would really be of great in helping bridge the said gap. The government must also encourage public-private partnerships in the real estate sector.

  • Could you please elaborate a bit on how Mirador has climbed up the industry ladder in terms of customer love and brand performance?

homeMirador always valued its customers above anything else. Even in its early days, Mirador valued relationships and the value of commitment. This very belief of the Mirador team, in relationships and commitment, ensures that Mirador’s growth graph never sees a dip or upset. The proudest moment for every Miradorite is when the customers call up or write back to us with their honest feedback entailing the good service the team members offered.

  • What have you lined up for the next decade? It would be great if you could list down your plans in the sector.

During the course of next 10 years, we plan to stick to the affordable housing segment. We also want to help the needy by constructing over 1,00,000 homes in the next ten years for them.

  • Are you looking for expansion in terms of a pan-Indian presence? Please tell us more about your expansion plans.

Yes we do plan on reaching out to the Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in India. We wish to carve niche for ourselves in the affordable housing segment across the country and take forward our initiative to provide quality homes at affordable prices to our audience.

  • How would you like to look at the real estate sector performing in the next 10 years in India? And, where would you like to see Mirador during the period?

We see ourselves transform into one of the best real estate development companies globally. We are confident that the real estate sector will keep growing, keeping in mind the flourishing state of our economy and the ever-increasing demand for housing. We desire to be, and will be, at the forefront while this happens.