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Supreme Court Directs Railways to Let Waitlisted E-Ticket Holders Board Train

By: | June 5, 2018
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June 5: Rail travellers are now having a big reason to rejoice as Indian Railways might soon enable waitlisted passengers to push ahead with their journey by boarding the train. The decision comes on the background of the apex court ruling that passengers with waitlisted e-tickets may be allowed to board the train.

Such passengers shall be allocated with berth in case passengers holding confirmed berths don’t turn up for the journey. The Supreme Court had made the ruling after Railways had filed an appeal against a judgement that directed Rail Ministry to stop discriminating waitlisted e-ticket holders from waitlisted physical ticket holders.

Until now, Railways allowed only waitlisted passengers with physical ticket holders to board the train and get a chance of being allotted with vacant berths. The scenario was despite railways aggressively pushing for e-reservations and e-tickets through its web portal.

Recently, Railways have launched the revamped version of the IRCTC booking website that added a lot of new features including the one to check the probability of confirmation of wait-listed tickets before booking. The website made use of specially developed algorithm by Centre for Railway Information Systems to analyze the probability of getting the ticket confirmed before the journey commences.

The probability is generated after going through the ticket confirmation patterns of the particular journey for the previous thirteen years. Users could find this helpful by deciding whether or not to proceed with their booking.

The new website is currently available distinctly to the passengers, and it can be used to check the details even without logging in. Railways is planning to merge the website gradually with its existing website to provide the features to all.