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FSSAI Moots Jail for those Indulging in Food Adulteration

By: | June 25, 2018
food adulteration

June 25: Strict penalty, including a fine of Rs 10 lakh and imprisonment for life term, has been proposed by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) against those who indulge in adulteration of foodstuff.

According to a report, the authority has also recommended setting up of a Food Safety and Nutrition Fund in a bid to support marketing and outreach events among food businesses and consumers.

The latest norms put forward by the FSSAI are part of the amendments intended to be brought into the 2006 Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. The proposals suggest a new section in the section 59 of Food Safety and Standards Act.

With this section being added, an individual or an industry who adds adulterants to food stuff purposefully can be charged with a fine of Rs 10 lakh, along with 7-year imprisonment – which can further be extended to a life term imprisonment.  The punishments will be applicable even if the adulterants do not cause any injury to the consumers.

As per reports quoting FSSAI officials, the new norms aim to reduce the food adulteration which has an adverse effect on the health of consumers.