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Apple Likely to Face the Heat as Trai Insists on Inclusion of DND App by Default

By: | July 20, 2018

July 20: Apple seems to have just landed in a soup with the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) insisting on including its pesky-call reporting app by default in iPhones. Trai is expected to take strict action against Apple in case the latter fails to include the app, it could also lead to the drop of network support for iPhones in India.

A BGR report said that Trai had earlier asked both Apple and Google to install Trai’s Do-Not-Disturb (DND) app by default in the respective operating software developed by the companies for smartphones. Google had already given the assurance that the app will be included in the Android operating system.

However, Apple had expressed reluctance in including a third-party app by default in its OS. The company cited violation of customer privacy as the reason behind not-including Trai’s DND app as it was a third-party app. Instead, Apple had put forward an alternate solution of including a self-developed app for pesky call reporting.

It needs to be seen whether Trai will eventually be satisfied with a self-developed app from Apple to serve the purpose. But as it appears now, Trai is expected to continue its stringent approach to include its own app by default in iPhones. Apple will have a time period of six months to include the DND app if that’s the case.

Trai had rolled out the DND app back in 2016, and it was only recently that it made the app mandatory in all the operating systems being rolled out in the country. The app was rolled out to counter the issue of mounting spam calls to numbers. Users could instantly report and block spam and pesky calls through the DND app, making the process of preventing spam calls a bit more expanded than the previous form of DND.