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Awesome Windows Apps for Business / Professional Users

By: | August 28, 2017

One of the advantages of the latest version of Windows is the availability of simple, but powerful, apps that work on multiple platforms including PC, mobile and tablets. Here, we present a few apps that could come in handy for a business user.

The Microsoft-owned service LinkedIn is a social network for professionals. It is the largest network of its kind and as per the service, its member-base has crossed 500 million.

Though initially LinkedIn was used only by professionals and businessmen, it is no more restricted to them. Anyone in the work force or anybody who wants to work can benefit from this service. It is a great way to find jobs, an excellent means to connect with your past colleagues and reach out to entrepreneurs/investors seeking new business opportunities.

muralicolThe advantage of LinkedIn is that you can publish your qualification/skill set online and make them easily accessible to people. The LinkedIn profile serves as a digital place to send anybody interested in procuring the skills you possess; no need to send them a CV or other documents – they can simply visit your LinkedIn profile and know more about you.

When you apply for a job, these days, generally, recruiters and hiring managers review your LinkedIn profile. In fact, irrespective of the nature of your work, a LinkedIn profile has become a must for thriving in the modern workforce. If your profile is not up to the point you may not even get an interview call.

If you want to look for jobs via LinkedIn you can use the ‘Jobs’ menu option, which will invoke LinkedIn’s robust search system for finding jobs. You will find the jobs being displayed are tailored to suit you – based on the different components of your LinkedIn profile. So, if the profile is complete with all the details of your job history and experience, the displayed jobs would exactly match your skill set. Moreover, if you find a matching job, you can even apply for that job directly from LinkedIn.

Another advantage of LinkedIn is the presence of different LinkedIn groups- basically groups of people with similar interests. You can search for groups that match your interest and join them and start networking with people in those groups.

Now, if you are a Windows 10 user and wish to bring the LinkedIn experience to the desktop, take a shot at the LinkedIn app, recently released by LinkedIn. The app is available in Windows Store, which is an app store for devices that run Windows (this platform is similar to the other app stores such as Mac AppStore and Google Play).  To download the app, fire up the ‘Store’ app from your desktop, search for LinkedIn and start the installation process.

Translation Apps

Assume you are reading an article in a foreign language (say English) and suddenly stumbled on an interesting paragraph with some unknown words and phrases. Now, to properly understand this text, you wish to translate it into your native language. Of course, you have several solutions at your disposal. You can copy the text, move over to an online translation service like Google Translate or Microsoft Translator, paste the text and get it translated.

The process mentioned above serves the purpose, of course. Nonetheless, as it involves several steps, it could break your normal workflow and thereby diminish your productivity. This is where an app that works directly from your device assumes significance. A translation app takes the text input from you and with the help of a translation service, it provides you with the translated content.

If your favourite translation service is Google Translate, you may find the app, Modern Translator rather handy. So, if you have some text in your native language and wish to obtain an English language version of it, select the appropriate languages (Translate from and Translate to),  paste the text in the upper window and see the translated content in the bottom window (screenshot below).


Apart from text input, the app can take voice input too. This means you can simply read out the text and obtain its translation.

Now, instead of Google Translate, if you want to try out Microsoft Translator, check out the Microsoft app ‘Translator’, which also allows you to translate text, speech and even pictures of text. A cool feature of this app is the facility that lets you download specific translation packs (e.g.: English to Hindi) for using the service offline.

How to cut and extract a portion of a video?

Imagine you stumble upon an awesome video and instead of keeping the full content, you wish to cut a part of it. For instance, you have come across the video of a feature film and wish to clip a song or certain scenes from it. If the video is already stored on your local storage, an ideal solution would be to enlist the service of a video editor. The free app ‘Movie Maker’ is one such tool worth a try in this context.


To filter out a part of the video, load the video file using the option ‘Trim Video’ (screenshot below), select the beginning and the end portions of the part you choose to extract and simply hit the save button- in a few seconds you will find the filtered part of the video on your local folder.


Now, if the video is available in an online video storage/distribution service like YouTube, the better solution would be to use an online video download service.  In this regard, take a look at the online service ‘Clip converter‘, which lets you convert a video file to a specific format and download it to your local storage. To convert a specific part of the video, first you note down the URL of the video, then the beginning and end of the portion you want to extract.

Paste the video link into the video URL box, select the conversion format. Now, the application will display a few more options. If you want to download the full content, accept the default options and proceed by pressing the ‘Continue’ button. Instead, if you wish to download only a part of the video, enter the times in which the required part starts and ends at the appropriate slots and continue with the conversion process. Once done with the conversion process, the application will display a download button for you to download the converted/extracted part of the video.