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RSBL Sponsors Documentary on Jainism as CSR Initiative

By: | September 1, 2018
Riddhisiddhi Bullion Ltd -RSBL

Sep 1: Riddhisiddhi Bullion Ltd (RSBL) has sponsored a documentary on Jainisim titled ‘Living Jainism’ as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative. Bhawarlal Kothari, Director of RSBL, unveiled the documentary at a function held here recently.

Directed by Rajendra Srivastava and produced by Pulse Media, Living Jainism is made with the intent of documenting the origins, philosophies, principles and teachings of one of the oldest religions of the world. In its 40 minutes length, the film puts together research and interviews with Jain scholars, encapsulates the teachings of Lord Mahavir and the very first Teerthankaras and documents successful, modern Jains who by apply the principles of Jainism into their everyday lives.

Said Mr. Prithviraj Kothari – Managing Director of Riddhisiddhi Bullion Limited, “We are thrilled to unveil Living Jainism in the auspicious period of paryushana and dedicate it to Shri Bhawarlal Kothari who celebrates his 60th birthday. He is a devout Jain, who believes that the principles of Jainism have never been more relevant to society than today. Through Living Jainism, we want to take the principles of ahimsa (non-violence), anekantavada (many-sidedness), aparigraha (non-attachment), satya (truth) and asceticism to today’s youth. The documentary highlights how Jainism is applied successfully in today’s lifestyles, helping people to achieve their complete potential at work and in personal growth. We hope that Living Jainism helps people all over the world, whether or not they follow Jainism, to adapt to a more fulfilling life, inspired by Jainism’s founding principles.”

There are over 5 million practicing Jains living all over the world. Most of them are in India but large communities of Jains also reside in the USA, Europe, the UK, Canada, Kenya, Hong Kong and Fiji. The Jain community is considered one of the most literate and successful communities in India, along with showing unparalleled compassion towards animals.

The documentary is live on YouTube and open for the global audience for viewership.