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Gaudium School Students Conduct Farmer’s Market in Hyderabad

By: | October 9, 2018
Gaudium School

Oct 8: Over 400 students showcased and marketed their produce at the unique and annual ‘Farmers’ Market 2018′, hosted by The Gaudium School, on Saturday at its Kollur Campus. This is the fourth Farmers’ Market and part of an initiative by the School to inculcate the habit of self-reliance and to develop all-round skills of the ‘Geckos’ (as the students of The Gaudium are known as) from an young age. Ms. K. Kirthi Reddy, Director, The Gaudium School, was present on the occasion. Several parents and visitors actively encouraged the students by lapping up shopping for the stuff on sale at the fair. The proceeds from the Farmers’ Market will be channeled by the students themselves towards various charity and social causes undertaken by them through the year.

In all, the students had set-up nineteen stalls with a variety of products being sold. The Farmers’ Market had ‘Geckos’ selling fresh and organic farm yield, they cultivated in the school premises during the last four months. On sale were stuff creatively made from waste material, Art & Craft and food prepared by them at the designated food kiosks. Farmers’ Market had several innovative and utility products like gift boxes, invitation cards, key chains, candles, flower vases, jewelry, bookmarks, candle holders and photo frames among others, to showcase “Making the best out of waste.” In Art & Craft area, exquisitely made paper mache hats, paper mache bowls, face mask, flowers, table lamps, hanging lamps, dream catchers, cement flowerpots, rangoli etc., were on display. The food outlets dished out delicious chats, cakes & cookies, salads, juices, paranthas, all at very reasonable cost with high nutrient alternative foods, seeds etc. To make the fun wholesome, entertain the guests and create a festive ambience, the little geckos went about with melodious music and dance displays.

Speaking on the occasion Ms Kirthi Reddy said, our endeavor is to develop and inculcate a holistic approach to life in our Geckos, to be ready to take life as it comes. The Farmers’ market imbibes skills at an young age to do things on their own, to value and preserve the natural resources including food and other basic essentials of life, to protect and contribute to our environment by recycling, reusing, renewing and reducing various items of use. We believe this brings in a sense of humility in our Geckos, besides training them in life skills like making and selling products commercially, organising events and above all to be responsible humans by caring for the under privileged through donations from the money raised here.