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Dosti Realty Employees Plant Saplings on World Environment Day

By: | June 6, 2018
Dosti Realty

Jun 6: The employees of Dosti Realty commemorated World Environment Day on June 5 by planting saplings on project site at Dosti West County which were nurtured for 45 days by them from 22nd April on World Earth Day.

Dosti Realty has a host of green features such as solar panels, LED systems, rain water harvesting, sewage treatment plant, native plant species used for landscaping and waste management all designed to create a greener environment.

Mr Deepak Goradia – Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Dosti Realty, says, “Dosti Realty has always been conscious about the environment and we make an effort to ensure that the projects we construct are eco-friendly. This time we wanted to do something within our office to promote green living as a way of life. By asking employees to take care of a plant for over a month it helps promote the fact that if we each do our part even little things done in our daily lives can help make a big difference. This can be done by not just planting a sapling but also by recycling, limiting our use of plastic, using public transport or pooling for travel and switching the lights off when you leave a room.”

Dosti Realty has been in the real estate business for over 3 decades and delivered more than 117 properties till date, providing homes to over 8,600+ families for over 42,700 residents. Encompassing a portfolio of 9.5 mn.sq. ft. Across Mumbai, the company has experience in various development types, be it Residential, Retail, IT Park etc.