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Aster Wins International CSR Award

By: | October 23, 2018

Oct 23:  Aster Volunteers, the global CSR programme of Aster DM Healthcare has been recognized for its notable
contribution to the society locally and globally. It has been named one of the Merit Awardees of the 2018
International Hospital Federation (IHF/Bionexo) Excellence Award for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The
award was presented during the 42nd IHF World Hospital Congress in Brisbane, Australia.

Aster Volunteers was launched on Aster DM Healthcare’s 30th Anniversary in 2017, with an aim to bridge the gap
between people who would like to help and those who need help. Running successfully in 9 countries including
India and GCC, the programme has 8386 volunteers at present, coming from all walks of life and not exclusively
from the medical field, who are helping millions of people.

Dr. Azad Moopen, Founder Chairman and Managing Director of Aster DM Healthcare said, “At Aster DM
Healthcare, we firmly believe that profit should be a byproduct and not the aim in healthcare and this transcends
into the core values of our organisation- Compassion, Integrity and Respect. Today, while many of us are privileged
to be able to support our needs, there are so many others who cannot do without a helping hand. This was our
thinking behind introducing the Aster Volunteers programmes and our effort to give back to the society which has
helped us succeed. We are honoured that the programme has been recognised by a global prestigious organisation
like IHF.”

Through various initiatives the programme has been able to impact 646,764 lives across geographies. Some of the
key achievements include: 300,000 individuals reached through mobile medical clinics; 1,27,831 people trained to
provide basic life support (BLS); 19,146 people benefitted through free surgeries and health investigations; 70
differently abled people supported with recruitment; 2192 free medical camps treated 327,008 individuals;
disaster management and refugee support programme where 1,50,000 people in Africa, 26,400 people in
Bangladesh and 51,000+ people in Kerala, India benefitted from humanitarian aid.

The 2018 International Hospital Federation (IHF) Awards recognizes and honors hospitals and healthcare
organizations for innovation, excellence, outstanding achievements and best practices in areas that are worthy of
international recognition.