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Xiaomi Reportedly Set to Launch New Phone under ‘POCOPHONE’ Brand

By: | June 28, 2018

June 28: Xiaomi is readying up to introduce a new branding of phones apart from its existing brands. According to reports, the Chinese manufacturer has applied for a new brand called the ‘POCOPHONE’ in the European Union.

POCOPHONE would be the company’s third smartphone brand if the report turns true. At present, Xiaomi is rolling out its devices across markets under the Mi and Redmi brands. Among them, the Mi brand is used by the company to sell its flagship devices, while the Redmi brand is used to rollout the budget-midrange devices. The categorized sale has also ensured that there remains no void in terms of the smartphone range. So it needs to be seen whether POCOPHONE would open up a branding with features that we have never yet seen in a Xiaomi device, or even on Android.

The patent application, which has been submitted in May, also signals the stepping up of Xiaomi in the global space. While other players like Oppo and Vivo has stayed strong in European markets with their product launches, Xiaomi has put its concentration more over its home market and South Asian markets.

Xiaomi is also supposedly ready with their first phone under the new branding. This is on the basis of another report which revealed that the company has a new device listed under model number M1805E10A. The device has been certified by Taiwan-based statutory regulator NCC, where it is listed under brand name ‘POCOPHONE’.  The listing also mentions Xiaomi as the manufacturer of the device.

It needs to be seen whether Xiaomi will launch the same device in Europe under its new branding. Additional details regarding the phone aren’t available except for a few details regarding the connectivity supports.