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Walmart Backing Headcount Expansion in Tech Arm to Take on Rivals

By: | August 8, 2018

Aug 8: Walmart is looking to expand its workforce on the technology front to take on rivals including Amazon. The company is expected to hire about 1000 new employees under its technological wing to expand the use of technology for its operations.

Currently, the retailer has around 1800 employees working under its technology wing in two cities; Bengaluru and Gurgaon. The headcount increase will also be in line with the company focus on being more product-oriented.

Projects like Walmart Labs and My Group, which respectively focus on ecommerce and global business services, have been moved to drive the Indian ownership of the product. Walmar Chief Information Officer Clay Johnson opined that the move along with the increased talent will help drive more product ownership out of the country.

Johnson hasn’t mentioned the exact number of products being handled out of the country. Though, he did mention that the return process for its entire 5000 stores in the US was completely developed in India. Besides, process related to IoT used in the stores abroad has also been done here.

Walmart is also among the world’s largest spenders of technology. According to data from analysts, Walmart spends around $10 billion a year on technology. IT companies have been often highlighting about the shift of their clients with regard to spending involved in digital offerings. Speaking about this, Johnson acknowledged that Walmart too was shifting its view on spending, so that it gets the best possible technology for what it pays.

“We don’t just want to be the largest technology spender. We want to make sure that we are spending it on the right technology,” he said. Walmart is also associated with numerous players from the Indian IT sector for co-innovating new solutions that can change the way the retailer works for the good.