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Uflex to Introduce Holographic Aseptic Liquid Packaging In China

By: | June 20, 2018
Jun 20: India’s largest multinational flexible packaging materials and solution company, Uflex Ltd plans to introduce holographic applications in asceptic liquid packaging in China for the first time with the launch of its ASEPTO brand. The brand will be showcased at the Propak China Exhibition from July 11-13 in Shanghai.
Uflex aims to get the first mover advantage by launching ASEPTO in China. The product has got market acceptance in India and has the ability to gain substantial market share in China, Ashwani Kumar Sharma, President and CEO said.
China’s beverages companies are likley to utilize ASEPTO Spark and ASEPTO Premium that can provide a variety of holographic, multi lens, foil stamping and embossing effects on the packs. ASEPTO with its unique UHT metalized/holography packs can make inroads into the huge potential in six layer asceptic packaging market, Sharma said.
Currently, metalized packagings in 200 to 1000 ml range are not holographic and ASEPTO could become a run away success as consumers prefer premium packaging in beverages.Holographic packs will provide outstanding shelf performance to attract quality-focused consumers— leading to higher sales volumes thereby driving profitability.
The major advantage fo ASEPTO is the low maintenance cost that can bring down the Total Cost of Ownership and has the capacity of processing 7,800 packs in an hour compared to conventional 7500 packs for sizes ranging from 100, 125, 160 and 200 ml packs. Beverage companies also have the advantage of customising designs and artworks with the ASEPTO machines.
The machine comes equipped with special tools for superior and optimized operations. It has several significant features such as advanced integration with PLC, lesser electronic parts, better human interfacing making it operator friendly in addition to delivering highest production speed than any other comparable machines.
After a recent spike to Rs 317 in May end, the Uflex shares have declined to 286.60 after hitting a high of 292. The net profit for Q4FY18 had fallen 28% while net sales was highest at Rs 1,809.83 cr. The company said that the drop in profits was due to increaed depreciation cost on account of commissioning of asceptic packaging plant and higher tax outgo.