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Uber Lines Up Feature Wherein Driver, Customer Contacts Won’t be Shared

By: | October 8, 2018

Oct 8: Cab hailing company Uber is all set to launch a new feature, wherein phone numbers of the customer and the cab driver will not be accessible to each other and their conversation will take place only through the application.

Going by what the company has said the upcoming feature of two-side call-anonymization works in such a way that the driver’s number will not be given to the customer and the customer’s contact will not be given to the driver. The feature will be made available for the Indian customers soon, reports said.

The upcoming feature has been added based on the suggestion made by both drivers and the customers. Currently, the feature is available in countries like Australia and South Africa. The company is also planning to expand it in India.

Uber, at the moment, has its services in 31 cities whereas its rival Ola has services in around 110 cities. According to a report quoting the Uber top brass, India is a market where a huge number of people depend on cabs. A huge part of the Indian market is not yet explored by the company, reports added.

With regard to the rise in fuel price and Uber fare, the company has revealed that the company might increase the fares. As there has been a dramatic reduction in the trips owing to the increase in fuel prices, the company would look at taking an apt decision on the tariff.

Pointing out that the only way to overcome the fuel price rise situation is using alternatives such as electric vehicles, Uber said it is in agreement with carmaker Mahindra & Mahindra begin the test on an electric vehicle for taxi service and is yet to start its trial.