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UAE Co to be Part of Rebuilding Kerala by Setting Up Free CCTV Cameras

By: | October 11, 2018
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Oct 11: Secure Cam IT Solutions, an Abu Dhabi based company headed by Indian nationals, has expressed keenness to set up a vast CCTV network in Kerala to help rebuild a Secure Kerala. Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram have been identified as the cities for phase one of the campaign in Kerala, and a budget of Rs 25 crore has been allocated to launch this phase.

The Secure cam initiative is part of a major global campaign by Secure Cam IT Solutions to equip more than 1.5 million buildings worldwide with security camera solutions. The first phase of the campaign by Secure Cam IT Solutions will be rolled out across 13 countries, starting with India and the UAE.

In India, the campaign will simultaneously begin in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai as well, apart from Kerala, and parts of Goa. Secure Cam IT Solutions has already partnered with companies in India to execute the campaign. The company plans to enter India by the end of 2018, a company statement said.

According to Rijoy Thomas, Chairman and CEO, Secure Cam IT Solutions, said: “India will be one of the first countries where we plan to roll out the campaign across multiple cities. Kerala will be one of the first states benefitting from the project. The state has been devastated by the recent floods and we want to contribute to the redevelopment programme through this initiative.”

“We are encouraging Government participation and hope to work jointly with local officials to further the cause for residents’ safety. In Kerala, we are already in talks with the State Government. We want to emphasise that Secure Cam is providing the security service completely free of cost,” said Ahmed Sarour Al Marar, Business Partner, Secure Cam.

The company hopes to secure at least one city in every country by the end of 2025, with a plan to install a maximum of 10,000 cameras in each city. The total cost of the project is estimated at around US$1.5 billion.

If an individual, or a group of individuals feel that their building or complex would benefit from the addition of a CCTV system, they simply need to log on here  and fill out a registration form.  Once the number of requests from a region reaches 500, Secure Cam will deploy a trained team of security professionals to install all relevant hardware and software, free of cost. The system will be allotted a two-year warranty period for hardware, and the company will provide a service contract for one year, the company added.