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Traders Call For All India Shut Down on September 28

By: | September 6, 2018

Sep 6: As part of the protest against the Walmart- Flipkart deal and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)  in the retail space, traders in the country are on a warpath.

The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT), the national federation of small traders and businessmen, has called for a Bharat Trade Bandh on September 28 to push forward its opposition to the government’s move. CAIT office bearers have been quoted by news sources as saying that around six crore affiliated shops and establishments will participate in the bandh.

Further, some of the traders in Mumbai who were protesting the ban on plastic in June- July had also expressed their worries over the international retail chains Walmart cornering the large part of the share.

Praveen Khandelwal, national secretary general, CAIT, who was quoted by reports, commented that there is news that the Chinese giant Alibaba is also gearing up for striking a deal with Reliance Retail.

This is happening when the Walmart- Flipkart business deal have already posed a huge threat to crores of businesses. He expressed his concern over the possible plight of the small shopkeepers when such deals happen and multinational giants take over the retail arena.