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Toyota to Recall Over 1 Mn Hybrid Vehicles to Fix Potential Fire Threat Issue

By: | September 8, 2018

Sep 8: Toyota Motor Corp is preparing for a major recall process of over 1 million vehicles of the company. The vehicles under the recall list include mainly Prius, the hybrid vehicle from the Japanese manufacturer, that were sold across the markets of Japan, North America, Europe and other regions.

According to reports, the vehicles are being recalled to rectify an issue related to engine wire harness. The wire harness paired with the hybrid power control unit poses the threat of coming into contact with the covering at the connection point, the effect of which even post the risk of vehicle getting caught with fire.

Accumulation of dust on the wire harness or cover can lead to the wear down of the insulation on the wires over time. This could eventually lead to an electrical short circuit, raising the risks of fire due to heat generation.  Toyota has also admitted that a recent incident of short circuiting in one of its models in Japan was due to this issue.

Toyota has already announced the recall of Prius in its home market, Japan. The Japan transport ministry has ordered for a recall of plug-in version of the Prius as well as C-HR compact crossover SUV.

The recalls are expected to take place majorly in Japan, while other markets like North America, Europe, Australia etc. would also be included for recall subsequently. Other markets will see the recall of only Prius models. In US alone, around 192,000 Prius models are expected to be recalled.

Reports say that the issue is believed to exist in vehicles that were produced in Japan between June 2015 and May 2018.