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Tech Mahindra in Demand-Based Hiring Mode; May Recruit 4K Employees

By: | August 6, 2018
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Aug 6: Tech Mahindra is expected to hire around 4000 employees in the coming quarters to meet its demand. The company’s shift of approach from inventory creation to demand-based hiring was revealed by Tech Mahindra Chief Financial Officer Manoj Bhat during a recent investor call.

Bhat has been quoted by a BS report as saying that Tech Mahindra had already hired over 1800 fresh graduates during the first quarter of the current fiscal, and the upcoming recruits will be in addition to this. The said 4000 recruits will be hired over the period of next three quarters.

The numbers are a rough estimate based on the indicative view, and there are chances that it could vary. Tech Mahindra has a total headcount of 113,552 people as of June 30, 2018. Among that, 72,462 employees are associated with software wing, while 34,700 were associated with BPO. The company also has 6390 employees working under the sales and support department.

Bhat also spoke about the high attrition rates at the firm, expressing concern about the attrition of key talents. He however said that that it was still probably under control, though the company would continue to monitor it closely. The attrition at Tech Mahindra stood at 19 percent, while utilisation levels were at 81 per cent.

Tech Mahindra will also be focusing on employee training, and will be pursuing newer and different forms of training that would be mostly online-oriented. Tech Mahindra COO L Ravichandran opined that such a mode of training would help the trainees become quickly billable. The upcoming recruit will only be a part of the company’s continuous process of hiring specific skills, said Ravichandran, who added that the headcount increase is unlikely to see a big increase in number.