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Suzlon Develops India’s Longest Wind Turbine Blade

By: | March 21, 2018

Suzlon Group, India’s leading renewable energy company, has manufactured India’s largest wind turbine blade at its Padubidri Rotor Blade Unit. The advance dblade (SB 63) measures

63 meters in length and has been specifically developed for Suzlon’s new S128 wind turbine
family with a rotor diameter of 128 meters, 1.5 times taller than the India Gate monument in terms of height. Suzlon’s turbines have been setting industry benchmarks across the technology value chain by bringing global scale capability to India.

This blade has been engineered with a carbon girder which provides the capability to utilize thinner aerodynamic profiles and provides higher lift with less drag to contribute to the turbine’s excellent performance in low wind sites.    The blade also incorporates flat back technology at the root that minimizes drag and saves additional weight and cost. The S128 series offers ~33% more swept area (12,860 m2) and is expected to deliver ~32% more energy generation compared to the S111. With an increase in the swept area Suzlon’s next generation turbine is well equipped to improve energy yield and support competitive tariff environment in India while protecting our customers return on investment.

These rotor blades will be transported using an innovative two fold transport system, which will use a specialized ‘Adapter Trailer’ for the first time in India, which ensures safe and unbound maneuverability through the hilly terrain, while transporting the long blades. This innovative approach will ensure a safe, cost effective and time efficient mode of transport for the 63 meters long rotor blade to the most remote areas