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State Investment Potential Index 2018: Kerala Emerges Achiever

By: | February 12, 2019

Feb 12: Kerala has emerged an achiever in the State Investment Potential Index 2018 based on six pillars of land, labour, infrastructure, economic climate, political stability & governance and business perception.

The Kerala-specific findings of the survey conducted by the National Council of Applied Economic Research titled ‘NCAER-State Investment Potential Index 2018’ (N-SIPI) were released at ASCEND KERALA 2019 in Kochi.
NCAER Director-General Dr Shekhar Shah speaking at the first plenary of ASCEND KERALA 2019, aimed at empowering enterprises, said that Kerala ranks fourth on how it is perceived as an investment destination, after Gujarat, Haryana and West Bengal.

“The perception driven pillar is a unique component of the N-SIPI which focuses on the policy and structural backdrop that determines the business environment in a state,” he said.
Earlier opening the discussions, Vice Chairman, Kerala State Planning Board VK Ramachandran noted that when we say Kerala, the things that come to our minds are health, education, water, greenery etc. Even while retaining those, the Government’s intention is to add manufacturing as a synonym of Kerala.
“The depth of the home market in Kerala can be leveraged,” the Chairman of the session Ramachandran added.
Invest India Vice President Dushyant Thakur spelt out the 10 investment strategies for Kerala including investible projects; translating sustainable development goals into projects; asset recycling; aftercare and business models.
“The business model in Kerala is unlike any other, Israel being possibly the only parallel in the areas of innovation and startup,” he said even while adding “aftercare is one critical aspect that states generally don’t pay attention to.”