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Say Wow; You Can Now Fly to the US, Europe for Less than Rs 14K

By: | September 19, 2018

Sep 19: Icelandic low cost carrier Wow Air has some great travel charges for those who can travel light. If you are confident enough to travel to the US or Europe without even a handbag, Wow Air can get you to your destination from Delhi at Rs 13,500, one way.

With the launch of the Delhi-Reykjavik flights on December 7, Wow Air will debut in India.

Passengers can carry only a small luggage along with them, which can be a laptop bag or an office bag. The airline company names it as a personal item. Neither can you carry a suitcase that goes into the cabin as a handbag or any check-in bag nor will you be served with any food throughout the 12-hour flight from Delhi to Iceland’s capital Reykjavik.

From Reykjavik you will be taken to Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, Boston, Toronto, London or any of the destinations the airline connects to from here.

The cheapest fare for flights to Reykjavik and from there to at least 10 destinations in the US and Europe is Rs 13,500. It is not something usual to travel to the US and Europe at Rs 13,500, and most of the tickets have already been booked as per the listing on September 18. The next low-cost offer is at Rs 26,000 which is not quite attractive when it comes to the personal item condition put forth by the airline company.

The one-way basic fare without the bags and food is seen going up to Rs 94,000 on December 22. The fare is much high when compared to the fare offered by full-service Indian and Middle Eastern carriers to Europe. Including all the benefits offered in such carriers, the fare begins at Rs 40,000.