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Sanofi Launches ‘Pain Clinics’ on YouTube

By: | June 11, 2018
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Sanofi has launched Pain Clinics as part of its pain education campaign to generate awareness and educate people, so that they can understand and treat pain in an informed and responsible manner. Bollywood actor and author Soha Ali Khan was present during the launch ceremony. The first phase involves publishing a series of doctor and pain expert videos on a dedicated YouTube Channel.

The subsequent phases of the campaign will include multi-channel awareness drives and data-driven insights rolled out across the country to help people understand and manage pain effectively. Sanofi India owns the brand Combiflam the most prescriber painkiller. In many cases, people resort to own medication to treat pain and therefore are unable to manage it. Hence, medical expertise is required to manage pain.

“As a professional, and as a homemaker- a mother, a daughter and a wife, I wear several hats, managing different things together. No matter how much care one takes, physical pain of some sort will find its way to you. I have always relied on doctors to manage my pain, and now ‘Pain Clinics’ doctor videos will also be within arm’s reach. Having learnt that Combiflam has been helping people manage pain in India for over 30 years, I believe they have the experience and expertise to lead an initiative like this. This also shows us that they are committed to the cause of helping people understand and win over their pain, through sharing credible information. Thankfully with ‘Pain Clinics’ – doctor video series by Combiflam® Range of Pain Relief Solutions, we can now have tips and advice from doctors, sitting in the comfort of our homes, or while at work.

Sanofi India Ltd. is launching this social initiative in seven cities of Uttar Pradesh – Lucknow, Kanpur, Allahabad, Gorakhpur, Moradabad, Varanasi and Bareilly. As a health journey partner, Sanofi empowers consumers to live healthier and fuller lives by increasing awareness and providing a full range of holistic pain relief solutions.