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Royal Enfield Unveils Classic 500 Pegasus Limited Edition

By: | June 1, 2018

June 1: Royal Enfield has unveiled its new Limited Edition member of its family, the Classic 500. Priced at Rs 2.40 lakh on-road, Delhi, the new entry will be extremely limited in numbers as Royal Enfield has revealed that there would only be 250 units available for grabs.

Classic 500 Pegasus is being launched to commemorate Royal Enfield contribution of vehicles to the armed forces since the First World War. The motorbike borrows design cues from the RE/WD 125 that was also called the Flying Flea back during the World War II era.

In addition to the original design, the Classic 500 Pegasus also features special serial number stenciled on the fuel tank, representing the 250th Airborne Light Company that served during the World War II. A bespoke set of military-style canvas panniers has also been included in addition to the Pegasus motif on the fuel tank and panniers.

Additional fittings include brown handlebar grips, leather straps across air filters with brass knuckles, and a blacked out headlight bezel that’s in tune with the vintage RE looks. The Classic 500 Pegasus will be available in two colour variants: Service Brown and Olive Drab, although only Service Brown will be making it to the Indian market.

There is only little to differentiate the Pegasus from the Standard Bullet 500 on the engine side. Featuring a 499cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine, the Classic 500 delivers an output torque of 41.3Nm and a power of 27.5bhp. Tyres, chassis and the suspension too remain the same as that of the Standard.

The Flying Flea was famous after it was deployed from Horsa Glider behind enemy lines with the help of parachutes. The motorbike played a crucial role in enabling communications support in addition to providing a swift mobility platform for the forward units deployed from the Airborne Pegasus.