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Retro Gadgets from the 80s and 90s Can Now Fetch You a Jackpot

By: | July 3, 2018

July 3: Many of you might have the habit of keeping retro gadgets from the 80s and 90s well preserved in your homes. Now if you are looking to dump them for any reason, you just might make a fortune out of them.

Retro gadgets from the yesteryear are now being collected in return for hefty rewards on many e-commerce platforms like e-Bay. These include the classic Walkmans from Sony to the original Game Boy consoles from Nintendo.

Those aren’t just the only devices that are being rewarded heavily. Almost every iconic gadget from the 80s and 90s are now gaining the collectible label. Items in their original packaging fetch higher money, but even ‘less than perfect’ items are being sought out for in the platform.

Recently on e-Bay, a Game Boy handheld console with its original polythene wrapping was up for grabs at a staggering price of £999.99. Nintendo retailed the Game Boy upon its launch at £67.40 back in 1989. Notably, Nintendo’s latest Switch console is retailing at less than quarter of the price-tag for the retro Game Boy. Even those without the boxing fetch over $200 provided it’s in a working condition.

Sony Walkmans are of high demand too, with the original Walkman fetching up to £350 on e-Bay. The DiscMan version that comes with CD Playback is put for £130.

It’s not the devices from the previous millennium that’s garnering interest. The original Apple iPod, which was introduced in 2001, is also a device of high demand. Fully boxed first generation iPods now fetch £10,000 while second generation versions are priced at up to £1,200.

Other retro devices that are being sought out in e-Bay include Casio calculator watches, Sharp Ghetto Blaster, Nokia 3310 mobile, Apple Machintosh etc. Retro-buyers are also interested in grabbing retro toys from the 80s like the Transformer robot and Tamagotchi digital pen.

Sellers interested to put up their retro items up for sale on e-Bay can check on the sold items box for that particular item to decide upon the price. The pricing can be checked even if you want to sell it on any other platform.