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Reliance Jio to Market 5G Phones by 2020

By: | February 8, 2019

Feb 8: Reliance Jio, India’s leading private telecom company, is eager to take 5G technology to the forefront. There are reports that the company is set to launch 5G connectivity via its 5G smartphones. The news is that the company is planning to roll out the 5G by 2020.

Reports said that Jio will introduce 5G services which are committed to 5G devices. The device will be similar to the one for 4G but the only difference will be that the 5G phones will be offered only after the launch of 5G connectivity in India. With this, the company will also solve the problem of the lack of 5G phones in the market. The move by Jio will provide it with a competitive advantage over its rivals.

There are rumors that Jio is in talks with vendors to assemble 5G phones. The phone is expected to be marketed at an affordable price, which will also be an advantage for Jio as most of the phone makers will market 5G phones at high price tags.

As of now, 5G phones are not yet out in the global market. But in the coming days, technology giants like Huawei, Samsung and Xiaomi are all gearing up to roll out 5G smartphone which will almost cost Rs 25,000.