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R Jio Continues to Rule; TRAI’s Jan 2019 Subscription Report Out

By: | March 25, 2019

March 25: TRAI has released its monthly subscription report for January 2019 and the results are the same as it was for the last few months. With the huge growth in user count, Jio continues to lead the Indian telecom industry.

According to a report, a total of 9.32 million net subscribers were added to Jio’s user count in January 2019. Both new customers and those ported from other numbers are included in this. In December 2018, Jio added a total of 8.56 million subscribers and the same has continued in January. With the new customer count, the market share of Jio until January 2019 stands at 24.49 percent.  In December 2018, the shares stood at 23.82 percent.

When Jio is having its best time in the market, Vodafone-Idea limited is going through a tough time. India’s largest telecom company Vodafone-Idea Limited is losing its customers every month. The report shows that Vodafone has lost .59 million subscribers from its network in January 2019. With this, the market share of the company has reduced to 35.12 percent. In December 2018 Vodafone-Idea lost 2.33 million of its subscribers. Post this, the company kept on losing its customers. Together, Vodafone and Idea have lost around 13 million subscribers in four months, which is a very sfffhort period to lose such a huge count.

Meanwhile by adding 27 million subscribers, Jio has gained double the number of subscribers Vodafone-Idea has lost in the same time period. The state-owned BSNL has shown a positive growth with an increased number of subscribers lately. As per the report, in January, BSNL has gained 986,000 subscribers to its network. With this, BSNL’s overall user count for four months has increased to 1.9 million. The telecom operator’s market share is 9.76 percent.

Bharti Airtel has kept its moves steady but has added 103,000 users to its wireless network. The market share of the company has reduced to 28.8 percent. Till= October 2018 the company held a market share of 29.2 percent. In January 2019, Airtel’s subscriber count grew by 0.49 percent to 1.2 billion. This includes both wired and wireless subscription. The number of rural subscription has decreased. Rural subscribers have contributed a lot to the telecom industry.