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Picostone, the Smart Home Automation Startup Gets Rs 5 Cr Venture Funding

By: | July 6, 2018

MUMBAI: Picostone Tech (P) Ltd, a smart home automation startup, has received Rs 5 cr funding from US based Metaform Ventures LLC.

Picostone products provide remote access and control of all home appliances like Air Conditioners, Television, Set-Top Box, Lights, Fans, Geysers, Motors and Curtains through their app and it can easily be integrated with Alexa and Google assistant to further enhance the experience. Picostone has tapped into the B2B and B2C segment with two products, Basic and Polar, and has a strong distribution network across 21 cities in India.
‘The focus is on building a robust software, hardware and integrated platform to manage energy resources that is accessible to average middle income homes across the globe, where energy savings matter the most’ added Mr. Jhaveri.‘Our vision with Picostone is energy management through affordable home automation solutions’ said Virang Jhaveri.

Metaform Ventures is headed by Nilesh Jain and this is their third investment in India in the last one month.

‘Picostone has established a strong presence across major metros and Tier I locations in India through a strong distribution network and are successfully running pilots with leading developers to provide smart home automation solutions in under-construction projects’ added Mr. Jain.
The company plans to utilize the funds for further research and development to provide complete home automation solutions, recruiting workforce across departments and on promoting their products across its audience.
‘Within a period of one year, we have managed to provide automation solutions to over 1800 households in India’ said Niket Sarvaiya, Co-Founder of Picostone.