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PharmaHopers Rolls Out Derma Franchise Category for B2B Businesses

By: | January 4, 2019

Jan 4: At a time when the prescription therapeutic and OTC Dermatology market is on a growth path in India, B2B marketplace PharmaHopers has made its entry into the dermatology sector by introducing its Derma Franchise category.

The growth in prescription therapeutic and OTC Dermatology market is said to be due to the rise in skin problems, chronic and infectious skin disorders and constant development along with the commercialization of Derma products.

According to a report, the Derma market is expanding and thus, the business opportunities in dermatology are increasing. Now the pharma professionals who are looking forward to dealing in Derma segment can get the opportunities online. Domestic Dermatology market is growing at the rate of 12% to 15% a year this simply indicates that the growth is here. PharmaHopers, which was launched in 2016, have more than 300 pharmaceutical companies registered on it and now exploring the dermatology segment.

Since skin is the largest organ of the human body and it is exposed, which makes it the first contact point for infection, microbes, and harms. Here, dermatology kicks in to prevent and cure skin issues. Dermatology is a vast sector in itself which deals in several segments since the dermatology disorders differ throughout the word based on Geographic location; Climatic conditions; Socioeconomic status; Lifestyles; Age; Gender; Heredity; and Personal habits.

Over the past few years, people have become aware and thus, the importance for healthy skin has increased. This has given a great boost to the Dermatology Company and Derma Franchise Companies in India. The Dermatology Companies are intensively involved in clinical R&D, marketing and commercialization of Derma product range.

PharmaHopers has a number of Dermatology companies listed which are involved in the marketing and manufacturing of Derma products like Acne & rosacea drugs, dermatitis & seborrhea drugs, psoriasis drugs, fungal infection drugs and medicine for several other skin issues. The Derma PCD Franchise segment is anticipated to go through strong growth in the coming years. Indian Dermatology Market is projected to expand at the highest CAGR in the next few years.

PharmaHopers is a B2B portal which includes the categories like Pharma Franchise and Third Party Pharma manufacturing of dermatology products. The portal has all verified pharmaceutical companies registered on it which deal in the different healthcare segments.