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Parag Milk Foods to Launch Immunity Booster Go Colo Power In India

By: | July 5, 2018
Parag Milk

Jul 5: Parag Milk Foods Ltd, one of the largest private dairy company in India, on Thursday announced its collaboration with ColoPlus AB, a Swedish biotech company, to launch its first 100% natural immunity booster called ‘GO Colo Power’ in India.

According to the company, this strategic collaboration enables Parag Milk Foods to strengthen its offerings in the health & nutrition segment, which further reiterates its leadership in the value added products category.

“Made from the first milk of cows just after calving, Colo Power is enriched with immunoglobulins and probiotics and has the same goodness equivalent to that of a mother’s first milk. Go Colo Power, a product in powder form, which can be mixed into porridge, contains high colostrum values which helps fight diseases like AIDS, diarrhea, etc that reduce the body’s immuno-defensive powers. The use of colostrum helps to build long-term immunity and improves and strengthens the digestive system,” the company said.

Highlighting the need for Colo Power, Conny Hagman, CEO, ColoPlus said, “Colostrum is rich in essential immunoglobulins and nutrients that helps in increasing the resistance to diseases. The health benefits of this milk is not just limited to the new borns but is beneficial for people of all age groups. Earlier you could only get Colostrum in a capsule or pure powder form, which could not be completely absorbed completely by the body; but now with Colo Power, one can get the same benefits of Colostrum in food form, as a porridge, and with our patented technology, it provides much higher absorption. Colo Power is also good in taste, easier to prepare and has a longer shelf life. Swedish Embassy was instrumental in linking us with a high quality and reputed partner like PMFL that aims to provide health benefits to the citizens of India, a key step towards improving public health.”

According to the company, Colo Power is available in 200 gms and is priced at Rs 750. The product will be available in e-commerce platforms and all metro cities, it said.

Based in Mumbai, Parag Milk Foods engages in the business of exporting, manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing of the ‘Gowardhan’ and ‘Go’ range of milk and milk products. Under the brand Gowardhan, it offers traditional products like ghee, dahi, paneer etc, whereas under the brand name Go, it offers new generation products like cheese, UHT milk, yogurt etc. The company’s plants are located in Manchar, Maharashtra and Palamner, Andhra Pradesh. The company also has its own dairy farm called Bhagyalaxmi.