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OnePlus Pushes Apple; Emerges Strong in India Mart

By: | January 16, 2019

Jan 16: Apple Inc had witnessed quite a rough year in 2018. The company’s sales fell by around 50% during the year. As per the data are given out by Counterpoint Research, based in Hong Kong, in 2017 the company sold 3.2 million smartphones which fell to 1.7 million smartphones in 2018.

Reports quoting Counterpoint Research findings said that the poor performance of the iPhone is due to the high competition in the premium smartphone segment. It has also been mentioned that the emergence of OnePlus in the smartphone market, taking over most of the other phone makers.

In the $400 (Rs 28,310) price segment, Apple lost its stand. Meanwhile, OnePlus emerged out as the leading smartphone company with the highest shipments in a quarter in the three months which ended in September 2018. As of now, OnePlus holds 37% of the premium smartphone segment in the Indian market.

The iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR which were launched recently were quite expensive for the Apple users. The decline in the value of rupee also affected the sales of the iPhones.

It is being seen that the Indian buyers could not afford the newly marketed iPhones, priced above $1,000. The sales of the old generation iPhone were stagnated with the launch of new and affordable Android phones.

Tim Cook, CEO, Apple, had also documented that various markets of Apple across the globe, especially China, is lying low.  With this, the reports are that Apple will be concentrating more on the Indian market in 2019.