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New Policy to Make Cab Journeys Hassle-free for Passengers

By: | October 3, 2018

Oct 3: The last moment denial of rides by the cab drivers has become common in the capital city. Passengers are made to go through unnecessary hassles due to this practice by cab hailing companies. Either they are made to find another cab or are charged extra for canceling the cab.

In both the cases, the passengers go through a lot of trouble. In a bid to put an end to such violations from the part of the cab aggregators, a new policy been rolled out. According to the policy, violations will be charged a penalty of Rs 25,000 in case these happen.

As per the latest reports, a new draft policy called the ‘Licensing and Regulation of App-based Aggregators Rules, 2017 and City Taxi Scheme, 2017’ is being evaluated by a panel headed by S Jain, PWD minister. If the draft gets approved, it will help set up a system which would control pricing by services like Ola and Uber and lessen the cases in which drivers refuse the ride at the last minute.  The draft will also ensure necessary safety measures for customers, the reports added.

The draft after the approval of the committee will be submitted to the Delhi cabinet for approval. If there is any case of misconduct or molestation reported against any of the drivers, the cab aggregators have to file a complaint to the police. If any of the cab company failed to keep up with such rules, they will be charged a fine of Rs 1 lakh.

When it comes to the huge pricing, the new policy suggests the setting up of a minimum and maximum fare which will be fixed by the transport department of New Delhi government. The cab companies’ which do not follow the rate procedures will have to pay Rs 25000 as fine.

Apart from these, a license from the transport department has to be obtained by the cab aggregators. They should also have a call center which operates 24×7. The live GPS location of the cab should be shared with the control center of the transport department and firewalls should be built in their apps to protect the data of its passengers.

The draft also suggests that the cab aggregators should allow their customers to share their location with others and a panic button should also be installed in the cab which can be used by the passenger in case of an emergency. Another notable thing is that with the new norm, the cab aggregator can be fined for refusal of rides or discrimination shown to a passenger based on caste, creed, gender, religion or disability.

The City Taxi Scheme which comes under the draft policy, suggests the taxi owners to install an LCD panel on the roof flashing green light when available and red light when occupied. A digital fare meter in the front, driver’s photograph along with his details is also made compulsory by the policy. Use of central locking, curtains, and tinted glasses is banned.