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Mu Sigma-TAPMI LEAD Program Aims at Building Leaders of Tomorrow

By: | May 13, 2019

May 13:  Big Data Analytics and Decision Sciences company Mu Sigma and renowned business institution T A Pai Management Institute (TAPMI), have launched ‘Mu Sigma-TAPMI L.E.A.D. Program’, which is India’s First PG Certificate in Leadership through Analytics and Decision Sciences.

The Mu Sigma-TAPMI L.E.A.D Program will offer PG Certificate in Leadership through Analytics and Decision Sciences driven by the vision to create a new breed of ‘Leaders’ with the required learning mindset to solve real-world business problems of tomorrow.

 Students from across India successfully graduating will be offered the role of a Trainee ‘Apprentice Leader (AL)’ by Mu Sigma and fast-tracked into a global leadership role in analytics, with the opportunity to be appraised into a full-fledged Apprentice Leader (AL) and run their own customer engagements within a year.

According to Mu Sigma, the program will run over the course of a 11-month period and will involve training at both TAPMI University and Mu Sigma premises.  The TAPMI faculty will deliver training on the foundations of management, business communication, design thinking, behavioral sciences, and leadership.

Other features include a blend of class-room education and real-world training ensures real-world readiness of students immediately after graduation; experiential training on global leadership, analytics, and problem-solving; apprenticing alongside decision scientists; real-time learning by solving real-world business problems using real data to deliver value to customers; and more.

 According to Dhiraj Rajaram, Founder, CEO and Chairman of Mu Sigma, “Even though the seemingly infinite potential of decision sciences outweighs the cost of investment, big data has been efficiently harnessed by just a few corporations. They haven’t been able to leverage its benefits due to the shortfall in talent and because of this dearth of highly skilled human resources. The need of the hour is to create a holistic and future-ready program developed by the industry for the industry and that’s why we, along with TAPMI have crafted ‘LEAD’ program. Mu Sigma has a singular purpose – to install in large enterprises, a fundamentally new approach to decision-making, called the new Art of Problem-Solving.  The intent of this high-quality program is to create exceptional leaders in the digital age.”

Prof. Madhu Veeraraghavan, Director, TAPMI said, “We are fully aware that today’s business landscape demands a much different approach to developing managers and leaders. Leaders must be able to respond to intense competitive pressure, adapt to rapidly changing market conditions, satisfy customer demands at increasingly granular levels, and be consistently innovative. TAPMI’s collaboration with Mu Sigma to offer this program is in keeping with its commitment towards the emerging areas in business, and with our recognition that “data” is at the centre of the ongoing industrial revolution and that Artificial Intelligence will be the backbone of the new world. I believe that a collaborative effort between top-class faculty of TAPMI and participants will create a magnificent learning experience for everyone.”

Mu-Sigma and TAPMI through LEAD have committed themselves to create the next breed of data scientists, and researchers to ‘Train and Employ’ professionals in the connected, data-driven world. Mu Sigma and TAPMI are proposing for education to be delivered collaboratively by academia and industry – this will complement classroom guided learning with experiential training on real-world business, customers, data and most importantly, live problem-solving as it happens every day in the global business markets, thereby preparing students for a fast-tracked leadership role in worldwide problem-solving to create value for Fortune 500 customers, the company added.