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Mobile Connections Face KYC Issues; DoT Set for Parleys

By: | October 22, 2018

Oct 22: Around 50 crore mobile connections in India are likely to face the heat arising from the new KYC guidelines. This means that half of the phone connections in India may encounter disconnection if the SIM cards bought on the basis of Aadhaar verification are not renewed with a fresh identification. In its recent judgment, Supreme Court barred private companies from using an individual’s unique ID for authentication purposes. Post this, the latest issue of mass disconnection has arisen.

Taking into consideration the large-scale impact on the mobile users, discussions are being held among the highest levels of the government on the issue. The news is that sufficient time will be given to complete fresh KYC.

Telecom Secretary Aruna Sundararajan has beenquoted as saying that meetings would be held with the mobile companies to discuss alternative options. Discussions on the same are being held between the Telecom department and the Unique Identification Authority of India also.

The government is said to be trying to find a solution as soon as possible, and would want to work this out in such a way that it is not inconvenient for the mobile users. They are trying to make the transition smooth and a one with fewer problems.

Reliance Jio, which is the latest of all telecom operators, will be the one with the largest connections bought through Aadhaar. The leading telecom company began its operations in September 2016 made customers through the biometric route. The telecom operator which became highly successful in a short span of time has a subscriber count of over 25 crore as on end of September this year.

Along with Jio, other telecom company subscribers including Bharti Airtel, Vodafone-Idea, and state-owned BSNL and MTNL will all be part of the transition as they had provided SIM cards on Aadhaar authentication.

Moreover, there are millions of older customers who have only the digital Aadhaar identification left with them as the previous pre-Aadhaar KYC paper documents will probably be destroyed by the telecom companies after linking it with numbers. In March 2017 government had given the telecom operators the permission to destroy the old records.

According to the mobile companies, they are waiting for the telecom department’s instructions on the recent issue. As per the statement made by an official at a prominent mobile company, they are still unaware of what is to be done further. UIDAI had asked the company to submit an exit plan by October 15 but final decisions on this will be taken only after the telecom ministry’s directions on the same.

Customers are now expected to submit fresh identification documents which can be a copy of the passport, driving license, voter’s card, electricity bill, gas bill or PAN card.