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Microsoft Takes Down Massive Facial Data Recognition Database

By: | June 12, 2019

June 12: Microsoft has removed an enormous facial recognition database that contained around 10 million images of roughly 100,000 people from the internet.  The reports are that the traces of the data trove remain online.

In 2016, Microsoft released MS-Celeb-1M which was a database of around 10 million photos of 100, 000 individuals gathered from the Internet. The database was designed to contain photos of celebrities. According to Adam Harvey, a Berlin-based researcher, through his project Megapixels said that the term celebrity had a broader definition.

Reports added that photos of journalists, artists, musicians, activists, policy makers, writers, and academics were included in the database. Microsoft has said that the database was taken down as the challenge is over. Yet it is doubtful whether the life of MS-Celeb-1M the database has expired.

According to reports, most of the ones added in the dataset were not asked for their consent for inclusion. But still, their images were scraped from the Internet under the Creative Commons license.