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Microsoft Andromeda Foldable Device Likely by Second Half of 2019

By: | December 4, 2018

Dec 4: Microsoft had been silent on its foldable smartphone for quite a while. Putting its silence on the backburner, the tech giant had said some time ago that it is all set to launch a device this month. The latest on that is the news is that the company will launch its foldable phone in the second half of 2019.

The phone named Andromeda will function as a hybrid and will be transformed between tablet and smartphone modes. Journalist Brad Sams in his book ‘Beneath a Surface’, has now shared a few updates on the company’s latest activities, and he has mentioned Andromeda in his work.

Though there had been rumors about the phone before, reports that came later on had stated that the project got canceled. But in the book Sams hints that the company is still working on the device. The news is that the phone might be a Surface-class device with dual-screen similar to that of Samsung’s device. The phone when folded will act as a smartphone and when open it will resemble a tablet.

Not many details of the phone are out, other than its size and folding mechanism. The phone is expected to carry ARM-based chips either on Qualcomm or Intel. When it comes to the software, instead of long-dead Windows phone OS the phone is likely to run on a full-fledged version of Windows. In the book, the journalist has also mentioned the launch of Microsoft’s USB-C port, Surface laptops with AMD chips, and a new Xbox One console in 2019.