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Maruti Suzuki Mulls Affordable EV Foray; May Start Manufacturing in 2020

By: | January 30, 2018
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Jan 30: India’s numero uno carmaker Maruti  Suzuki is set to venture into making its first-budget friendly, green, electric vehicles (EV). The products made with Suzuki technology will be the ones that would hit the street first, and the company has lined up efforts to follow them up with a second edition that would be born out of a collaboration with Toyota.

Going by reports quoting Maruti Suzuki managing director Kenichi Ayukawa, a memorandum for understanding of technical support has been signed with Toyota. However, he added that, Suzuki is working on its own EV technology development too. He pointed out that the auto giant would look to rope in efforts from across the globe to combine and execute the eco friendly technology.

It is being said that the car maker would create a comprehensive ecosystem in this regard, and hence would look at collaborations in the areas of materials handling, battery recycling and reuse, besides charging infrastructure.

The company intends to make its EVs more fuel efficient, environment friendly and plans to continue with refining the internal combustion engine. The manufacture of its EVs is expected to kick start in 2020, and it aims at having around 40 percent of the personal vehicles to be pure electrics by 2030.

It is a known fact that a growth rate of 8 percent is evaluated every year in the in the passenger vehicle segment, of which around 71 million new vehicles are expected to be added between now and 2030. As many as 14.4 million vehicles, among this 71 million, are expected to go electric.

Ayukawa believes that to improve fuel efficiency and reduce pollution, hybrid technology seems to be the most reliable option. Toyota’s technical support would be to examine the establishment of charging infrastructure, training of after-sales service personnel and systems for appropriate treatment of end-of-life batteries.