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Maruti Suzuki E-Car Kicks Off Test Mode

By: | October 12, 2018

Oct 12: Automobile giant Maruti Suzuki has rolled out its e-vehicle model for field tests in India. With most of the companies lining up e- vehicles to address issues like air pollution, Maruti Suzuki can’t be far behnd, and the new e-car is testimony to this.

Maruti Suzuki’s Japan based parent company Suzuki Motor Corporation developed e- vehicles were manufactured at the plant located in Gurugram. The vehicle will be tested in various terrains and in different weather conditions.

After the tests, the company will make changes to the vehicles in such a way that they are apt for the Indian roads. The model which is out for trial was set up based on the previous models developed by Suzuki Motor Corporation.

The largest auto manufacturer in the country is set to start its new journey in India through electric vehicles. India’s aim is to set out all-electric cars by 2030. Thus most of the companies are gearing up to bring e- cars with novel technologies into the Indian market.

According to experts, prior to launching electric cars into the Indian market there are a lot of road related problems that need to be solved. They include high buying costs, lack of infrastructure and lack of awareness among the general public. The marketing of e- vehicles will help people turn to quick charge vehicle than opting for petrol diesel vehicle.