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Maruti Looks to be a Major Player in Mini Truck Segment as Super Carry Sales Surge

By: | May 3, 2018
Super Carry

May 3: Maruti’s dominance in the passenger vehicle market was enough to ignite the confidence of the company to step in to the commercial vehicle segment. The result has been the Super Carry, a 793cc diesel-engined mini truck that was introduced a couple of years ago. While initial figures of the vehicle stood below impressive, it now appears that its entry is finally bearing fruits.

The mini truck from Maruti has just had its best ever month in terms of sales in April, registering sales of 1,544 units in the country. This is a major jump from the 411 units it sold in April last year. Ever since, Maruti has witnessed a positive peak in the sales of Super Carry, with the vehicle crossing the 1000-unit milestone in a month for the first time in November.

Those figures still need to bolster considering that the vehicle bears the long-running USP of Maruti in India including affordability and quality aftersales. Bearing that in mind along with the surge in sales, Maruti is eyeing 2019 as a key year for Super Carry in the market.

The overall sales for Super Carry stands at 12,477 units till end-April 2018, something which Maruti would like to soar up to up its competition in the segment. Despite the booming interest in the 3.5T truck segment, the 2T truck segment is still witnessing strong competition. Tata is the current leader in the segment with a strong dominance of over 68% percent share in the market, and it’s followed by Mahindra. For Maruti, the coming year would tell how far the company would become successful in posing a major threat to the traditional players in the small commercial vehicle market.

Maruti has also taken the steps slowly to squeeze in to the market. Starting off the Super Carry in just three markets, the company now sells the SCV in 140 cities across 25 states through its 172 commercial outlets.

In addition to expanding its reach in the market, Maruti is also heading to customer feedback to better cater its SCV. A Super Carry deck-less variant is expected to hit the market soon, and this follows the addition of bigger 13-inch tyres and higher ground clearance in the diesel and CNG versions of the vehicle.

In addition, Maruti is also keen on upping the export figures of Super Carry. Maruti currently exports its SCV to markets like South Africa, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Nepal and Bangladesh. Over 2000 units was exported to these markets in FY2017 apart from grabbing a domestic share of 6% in the same year with sale of over 10,000 units.

While it would still take some time for Maruti to take its share in the market close to that of its rivals, it could still send a message with the string figures in the market if going by the trend.