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Last Mile Delivery Transforming Logistics into a Key Contributor of Economy

By: | July 6, 2018

July 6: The Indian e-commerce market is expected to go through a big boom in the coming years, and that’s in addition to the big surge achieved by e-commerce retailers in terms of year-over-year revenue. This very forecast has kept retailers pushing aggressively for last mile deliveries, igniting a big opportunity of employment in the same.

E-commerce players aren’t the sole contributors to this. Brick and mortar stores have also registered a noticeable growth in year-over-year revenue, and have been attempting to expand its door-delivery services to its customers.

An Entrepreneur report said that the combined attempt from the retailers, both online and offline, has surged the prominence of logistics, in turn expanding the scope of input for the same. Accordingly, over a million job opportunities are expected to be generated in the logistics department on account of the retailers’ push for last mile delivery in the coming years.

In a sense, last mile delivery has grown similar to ride hailing. Delivery personnel are matched with shipments and anyone who can ride a motorcycle and spare some time can easily tune in. The backing of technology and acceptance of the delivery modes makes it easier for logistic companies to hire in new drivers quickly. Fulfilment centres to be setup by e-commerce companies in rural areas to ensure last mile delivery also opens up the prospect of localized jobs.

Persons with adequate amount of deliveries can make up to Rs 40,000 per month, and these figures are enough to pull in not just college students, but also for people looking for a solid monthly income.

Delivery partners can also grab the opportunity to set a path of progression in the respective field. Companies like Amazon has started implementing entrepreneur-oriented programs for last mile delivery that targets small logistics. The prior step of getting promoted from delivery partners to fleet owners also has become shorter in length.

What’s assured is that logistics and hyper-logistics will play a far more crucial role in the economy of the nation with such wide and vast creation of opportunities The coming days will also witness the joining of hands between e-commerce and physical stores through the arrival of online-to-offline model.

It will only further push for delivery requirements as the umbrella will also bring under it local kirana shops. Trade volumes of such shops are expected to go up, and it would become inevitable for them to rely upon improved deliveries of products.