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Know How Jio is Shaking up the Live TV Industry Like it Did with the Telecom Sector

By: | June 28, 2018

June 28: Jio’s entry into the telecom sector was one of the biggest shakeups we have seen in the telecom industry of this country. The arrival of Jio has not just cut down the data/calling costs to the user, but has also helped many to climb up the ladder in this digital world.

Currently, an average user in India consumes up to 2GB of data every month according to quarterly date provided by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. To recall, the average data consumption for a user was close to only 0.25GB per month prior to the entry of Jio.

Indeed, the access to cheaper and faster data has given users the freedom to access the digital world without many limitations. And one area that seems to have been affected with this digital jump is the television industry.

Jio’s entry has accelerated an already growing trend for live streams and TV streams in the country. The initial stages of the data benefits might have been mostly rejoiced by sports streamers, but it has now spread its wing and expanded to the regular TV programs and shows as well. The acceptance of Jio TV among the users substantiates this very expansion.

According to a report by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, nearly half of the customers of Jio use mobile data primarily to watch live television. Jio caters well to these users with its rich content of videos and live TV streams through Jio TV and Jio Cinema app. For many, Jio TV is the most popular when it comes to streaming TV shows, and that’s despite Jio being a late entrant compared to other apps like Hotstar.

Direct access to data and stream under a hood might just appear to be playing a role here. Airtel, which recently launched the Airtel TV app, has enjoyed instant success by grabbing over 10 million downloads in a short period of time. Jio takes that count to over 100 million, making it on par with that of Hotstar and Netflix.

Jio’s aggressive expansion in the live stream segment is also a signal that the company could be eyeing for another disruption, just like it had recently with the telecom sector. The Mukesh Ambani-led company has already acquired multiple platforms to help enrich the contents provided through Jio, mostly focusing on the streaming aspects.

Additionally, they are also in the turf aggressively for adding more popular contents. And with the data consumption power in the country expected to shoot up to as high as 18GB in the coming five years, the live TV market in India could be just witnessing a big bloom.